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Customer clip request 

Lesley was replaced with Alexa with the consent of the customer 

would ask you if you want to shoot a clip what has this story:

Lesley and Crystal

You are a both super powerful goddess that could crush the entire world with just 2 finger if you want it.

You are dressed like in the clip Superheroines SuperLora and LesleyMarvel play with criminals (Lesley) the black dress at beginnig it looks sexy and bad with the golden top.

You both walk in front of a cam me that tell what you both are goining to do just for fun.

Then you both look outside a window and spot something.

first Lesley you pick up a car and crush it with you hands to a small ball of metall that has the size of a apple then you moans and laugh and say that was nothing then you crush the small metall ball with 2 finger to a very small metall dust corn and laugh. Then Crystal you tell me you find a army tank would fight with you you grab this tank and lift it up with one finger you humilation that tank with words then you crush it and compress that tank to a metall ball that have a the size of a grape und moans and laugh (Metall crushing sounds would be cool)... Then you only tell you put the small metall ball in you cunt and you crush the ball to nothing by that strong pussy and moans.

Yes that is powerplay and you both laugh. You both look outside a window then you laugh *evil*yes that be a epic powershow crazy shit. Lesley you tell you are seeing a stadium with 80.000 people in and you rise only one finger and all humans get flying in the air then you laugh. im gone crush all this humans to a small ball of meet. you slowy bring 2 finger together and all humans fly to one point in the sky and get compressd by you mind power force they scream and you moans and laugh till you tell me ohh all human being crushed to a small ball of meat that has the size of grape and laugh evil like. you feel so powerful and enjoy it then you tell me that you are seeing outside the window at the  docks the biggest ship - oasis of the sea 360 m long with 7000 people in you smile and laugh yes i crush this big boat to nothing and moans and laugh with crystal. you rise your hand and the ship begins to fly then you bring your 2 hands together and your mind power begins to compress the ship to a small ball of metall you moans and laugh that you could do that. then after a while you crush the ship to a ball of size of a peas an smile. Crystal want to show that she can do it same she seeing the Queen Marry 2 ship 345m long and smile evil, that is mine. And she told Lesly im doing it with my body she disapear and we see only Lesly she smile then we a hearing screams and a lot of metall crushing sounds and the evil laugh and moans from Crystal.. Lesley says omg she crushing the whole ship just with her hands tits and feets what a powerrush then after a while of crushing sounds of metall Crystal hat crush the big ship to a small metall ball that has the size of tennisball. Then Crystal appears in front of Lesley and say im not done and laugh and moans and lick her lips she now crush the small ball with her mind so hard that he evaporated. Crystal laugh evil and say to Lesley: Can you do a similar end for this punny little boats.

Then Lesley you want that your little very compressed small ship disappeared you put in in you cleavage and push your tits together and the ship get crushed to nothing the compressing is to powerful that the ship disapeared by your power and you moans and laugh. 

Language:  Russian with English subtitles

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Goddess's Crystal & Alexa

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