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  • Eriny likes to be punched. Part II

It is pretty familiar like the one we did last time.

>Clip title: Eriny really like to be punched Part II.

>Actress: Eriny

>Actress hair style: As usual.

>Duration of the clip: 15 minutes or more.

>Male actors: at least 3

>Clothing of the actress: shiny pantyhose, black shiny heels, leotard, exactly like the clip" Eriny likes to be punched."

>Clothing of the male actors: dress like gangsters with full masks


Eriny walks into a room with full of gangsters, says something like she is not having enough fun last time, so she would like to be punched harder and more this time. The gangsters couldn't wait to punch her. As she is about taking off her coat, the gangsters already started to punch her body (all the gangsters punch everywhere of her body at the same time,) she's enjoying it and taking off her coat really slow. (punching and taking off coat at the same time) After she takes off her coat she starst to take off her heels. Then put it away, she say something like she'd like to be punched in different pose and postures this time. She catswalk in the middle of surrounded gangsters and says begin.

She hold her arms back of her head. The gangsters start to punch her together at the same time, her belly, her back, her ass, her boobs. Eriny 's taking punches with a enjoyble look on her face like she is having sex and really desire to be punched, no painful look or sounds from Eriny. Same as last time.

As Eriny taking punches she is keeping saying words like " punch harder, more, i like it etc..." Lesley can design the conversation freely but do not go too far from the main key words.

Round 1: After many punches, Eriny lies down backwards and let gangsters punch her stomach. See photo as posture reference.

Round 2: Eriny gets up, sitting on a chair and weaing her heels on, as she start to wear, the gangsters start to punch her back. She enjoys this punch and decide to wear her heels really slow, just stalling the time to get more punches while she is wearing her heels.

Round 3 :Eriny gets up and yet she is not satisfied enough, she lean over on the ground and let the gangsters kick her belly. See photo as posture reference (the lady in the middle)

And she keep saying kick harder and faster, the gangsters start to kick in the maximum frequency. One of the gangster punches her ass and leg and side belly, the other two continue kick her belly.

After a while, the camera pull to the front of Eriny, Eriny looks at the camera like she is really enjoying it, keep the same shot for 30 seconds, then clip fade out.

Please NOTE: Do not let gangsters hold Eriny 's arms or body. No punches in the face. No first-person camera angle. No weapons or tools. Eriny catswalk all time.

Please let the gangsters punches punch her in more combos, in faster frequency, all of them punch at the same time would be a plus. 

Camera angles: 80% of front shots ( Eriny faces the camera), 5% of close up shots ( show Eriny 's look on her face when she is taking punches). the rest of 15% camera angle can be freely set as Lesley like.

Language:  Russian with English subtitles

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Eriny likes to be punched. Part II

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