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  • Eriny is playing with knives

Custom clip request

The first scene

She already captured 2 men in her room

( all men are unmasked, and simultaneously in the scene )

The men armback are tied up and on their knees

She will pick two knives and start sharpening 

( Preferably shiny gray colour not black )

and of cours a fake knives 

as she sharpening she walk around them to scare them off and she smile at them in an evil way

after that she will have one knife and come to the first male and put one heel to his back or head 

then she will start slowly rolling up her sleeves 

(PTW ; Would love to see her do that during the whole video)

She will remove her heel from his back 

then she will grab his back head till his adam apple appear

then slowly she will cut his throat 

the man will fall down gargling and suffocating ( A little distress until he's out )

As for the second man 

She will tell him to get up then walk a few steps as she sarcastically smile at him then she will touch his neck with her fingers 

and then she will tell him to get down on his knee 

Then she will tell him to face the ground 

Then she will put her right heel to his back 

during that she will sushh him in a sexy way - checking the knife by sexy fingers touches 

than she will lean down and grab his head 

as he's asking for mercy 

she will slice his throat on and on like slicing a fruit 

as he's in lot's of pain, gargling and kicking 

then she will put her right heel on his back and take out a napkin and slowly whip the knife with it 

as she is doing that the male is suffering till he take his last breath 

The second scene,

eriny is sitting on a chair crossing her legs in front of a mirror 

and  putting some lipstick and fix her hair 

Then she will wear the wrist watch and the bracelet then her heels

the 2 male are already there 

she will grab one of them and drag him a little pit

the she will bring the 2 knives and put her knee over his back

and start sharpening the knives 

then she will kick him and make his face on the ground 

the she will sat on his back pull his head 

whisper to his ear '' I'll cut your throat ''

The she will slice his throat on and on 

the second man is afraid 

she will smile at him and point her finger to stand up and face the wall

he will do that 

then she will walk while she sharpening her knives 

and kiss his back neck then pulled him and start slicing his throat on and on

I should clarified 

again she have to rolled up her sleeves every time during the video

The 3rd scene,

eriny is a gangsta girl

she is wearing a ski mask 

she will enter the men house or room

then she will point a gun on them 

she will handcuffed them 

then she will take them outside 

she will make them to kneel

then she will remove the mask

she will slice their throat 

when she slice their throat , she have to keep doing that till 40s

Then she will put her leg on one victim while cleaning the knife 

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Eriny is playing with knives

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