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  • They tried to win the date with Eriny

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Features - Eriny  dressed as in “dont play with Eriny”  .Stockings, red dress.     vs  3 men.

Action- mixed fighting, ball busting, neck breaks

There are 3 guys and they want to win a date with Eriny.

Eriny is sitting down and  putting on her stockings and then she  begins stretching her legs , she has had many men want to date her but a man must beat her in mortal combat to prove he his good enough, but it could cost them their life or cripple them for life. She has rarely been beaten. She may look small , but she is highly skilled and dangerous.  

fight 1.

They bow to each other,  both is karate stance. They circle each other, trying to work out each others weaknesses .  Then , he tries a round kick, he exposes his groin, she catches his leg and she punches him in the groin.   see gif as in the film AWOL

He bends over cupping his groin ,   she watches in delight as he falls to the ground, she circles him , he tries to get up, she puts her foot on his chest to keep him down. She them puts him in a heascissor standing up at first. 

she keeps him there for a  a few minutes before she snaps his neck, and smiles,  FATALITY! 

fight 2. 

They bow to each other , this one is stronger and better  , he throws kicks and punches, she blocks them and moves out the way.   ( 2-3 minutes) , then she is on the floor,  she acts like she is wounded . He walks over so he is standing on top of her , she surprises him with an upward kick to the groin, he falls to his knees,   , she gets up and putting her foot on his back pushes him to the ground, she walks around him circling him.   she carries on stomping on his groin , again and again.  Then she decides to finish him. 

She leaps into the air and lands on his chest.  you see Eriny leap in the air, and then her feet on his chest, and blood in his mouth,(  like in the film, enter the dragon.)..  Fatality ! 

Fight 3. 

They stand opposite, and she faces him , then she suddenly strikes with her hand to his face, 4 times , each time going back to the starting pose. , she is fast. ( like in Stella and the dragon  twins)…

He is dizzy now, so he is easier to fight!.. 

Then, he tries to throw kicks, she kicks him in the groin many times and punches his groin. He is the toughest of all of them , he keeps getting up after she kicks him in the groin.

Eriny is getting worried, he seems to be able to take  her kicks and punches.

He comes at her with a round kick, she does the upward groin kick, from the ground , this time it worked! 

he is on the ground and rolls around in pain, eventually he is out.  

This time she will strangle him with her feet !.

She puts him in a hold with her feet, he comes around but has not got the strength to fight back. 

Eriny has won again, no one is good enough to date her . She puts on her high heels and walks out, the end,

Language:  Russian with English subtitles

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They tried to win the date with Eriny

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