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  • Mesmerized by Crystal

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I'd like the clip to take place at Crystal's apartment. It is shot entirely in POV style view. My height is about 170 and I think Crystal is probably much taller than this, so perhaps angle the camera so it is clear she is taller. Crystal and I are friends. In russian language with subtitles is good, I understand russian and i like how it sounds. The dialogue below doesn't need to be exact, but just convey similar meaning:

Crystal says she understands I am also learning martial arts and asks if I would like to try sparring with her

I try to hit her a few times and she blocks me a couple times, I hit her a couple times in the abdomen, but it seems to do nothing to her at all

She smirks and asks me to try to hit harder maybe, but still I hit her in the abdomen and it produces no effect on her

Then she says let me show you how to do it, and she grabs my arm very hard. If possible, use the squeezing sound effect in the "crystal recruits and angel for her queen" when she squeezes his arm

After this she punches me in the abdomen, and then in the face

She asks me if I've had enough. I nod yes

She tells me to sit down and she sits down across from me in a seductive pose, so she is sitting across from me in a chair, not very far away, straight in front of me

Then she says she finds me attractive, and she enjoys putting men like me under her control

She says she notices that when I look at her, I feel weak...she says yes, I can tell you do feel weak, you may try to resist it, but it doesn't matter, you feel weaker and weaker around me

Then a close shot of Crystal's face, she tells me to relax, listen to her voice,and relax, that she is putting me into a trance

At this point I would like some blurriness or some kind of special effect to indicate dizziness

After the dizziness subsides Crystal tells me I am now under her control and she can easily make any suggestions to me that she would like

With camera staying close to her face, she smiles and tells me I am going to fall deeply in love with her, so deeply that no other woman would be attractive to me anymore, and that I would leave any woman for her

She then asks "oh you dont believe me?" "lets see"

Camera backs up to a wider shot of Crystal sitting very sexy in the chair, she snaps her fingers and at this point I'd like special effects similar to "Crystal stuck in love" with floating hearts for several seconds, and crystal posing, but in this case to indicate the effect is on me (not her)

Crystal then asks me how do you feel, dear? If you have any other similar special effects to the hearts, at this point perhaps show those, similar idea, to indicate the viewer has fallen deeply in love with her

With these special effects going, the camera gets closer to crystal's face, and she gives a kiss

Language:  Russian with English subtitles

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Mesmerized by Crystal

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