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  • Eriny likes to be punched

Custom clip request 

Storyboard: Eriny walks into a room with full of gangsters, take off her coat and put it away, standing in front of gangsters, say something like she is really enjoying to be punched.

The gangster start to surround Eriny and punch her. Eriny 's taking punches with a enjoyble look on her face like she is having sex and really desire to be punched, no painful look or sounds from Eriny. (see the video named "Lilly" attched as reference)

As Eriny taking punches she is keep say words like " punch harder, more, i like it etc..." Lesley can design the conversation freely but do not go too far from the main key words.

Round 1: Just let Eriny standing there or maybe she holds her own arm at her back of her head and let the gangster punch Eriny .

Round 2 :After  Eriny taking many punches, yet she is not satisfied enough, she lies on the ground and let her arms go to take more punches.

Round 3: Eriny starts to get up a little bit ( set the video" Invulnerable Eriny" 06:30 and 07:12 as reference) and continue to be punched.

Round 4: At the end, Eriny takes enough punches and ready to go, she catwalks to the door, at the moment she opens the door, one of the gangster punch Eriny 's back, Eriny holds the switch of the door without turning her head back and really enjoyed that punch and freezed to wait for more punches, all the gangsters are coming up to punch Eriny 's back. (the camera could be outside the door in front of Eriny and inside the room in front of Eriny 's back) After a while she closes the door and catwalks back to the room, say: punch me! and the gangsters start to punch Eriny again and the clips fade out.

Language:  Russian with English subtitles

Full HD (1920 - 1080)

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Eriny likes to be punched

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