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  • Eriny vs 3 champions. The competition between the gyms

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The challenge of gyms 

In the city there is a tradition, every year there is the challenge between the two best gyms of the city where they send the three winner ot three different categories. In the challenge the gym who wins two of the three match is the gym of the year.

Eriny enters in the gym and there there are the three champion of the three categories of a gym attending their opponents. Eriny is the winner of the three categories of her gym so she is the opponent of the three but they don’t know this. They don’t know who are the challenger of the other gym so they are waiting three men.

When Eriny enters they think she is a secretary or a representant of the other gym so they joke with her because she is nice and they ask about the winner of the other gym. She replies she is the winner of the three speciality. The men laugh and don’t believe it could be possible and they insist to have the real reply about their opponents. They think that a woman can’t beat a man in any of the category and still more in all the three categories. The men are stronger than women and also she doesn’t seem so strong.

Eriny confirms she is the winner, she is really strong and invites them to verify starting the challenges. She says that for a trained woman is not so important to be very muscular to beat trained men.

The men accepte. The first challenge is the armwrestling challenge.

The male champion goes to the table and also Eriny goes. The challenge begins, he thinks to win easily but incredibly he can’t. So he push more and more but Eriny controls the man easily than incredibly she wins. The armwrestling champion is shocked and also the other two. They think he lost voluntarily, it’s impossible that a woman like Eriny could be him, so they invite him to push seriously.

The loser doesn’t accepte the losing so he thinks up that the armwrestling challenge will finish when the first of the two will win 2 matches. Eriny knows is not true but she smiles and acceptes. In the second challenge the man push with all his strenght immediately but the arm of Eriny is like a wall. She is amused watching the man at his maximum effort and then she proposes to him to use the second hand. The two men can’t believe at their eyes but the challenger acceptes immediately because he want win in any way.

Eriny doesn’t have any difficult and joke with him underlining he can’t win with two hands, that she can’t believe he’s the gym’s champion, that men are pathetic. After a while she totally wins.

The man is totally humiliated but the other two can’t believe that what they saw before was possible. For this reason Eriny challenges them in a battle 1 woman vs 2 men. They accepte and after a while when they understand that their efforts are useless they try to cheat and they start to use the second hand (before one of the two and than when the second see the other man he adds his second hand). Eriny is amused and tease them. They can’t win against a woman with four hands. They are showing a great demonstration of male superiority. When she decides she wins also this match.

Now is time for the second challenge. It is the tug of war. This time the men think that is impossible for a woman like Eriny to win. In this challenge is very important the weight and not only the strenght of the biceps and she is really tiny and thin.

The challenge starts but Eriny resists easily while the gym’s champion is in his maximum strenght than she wins.

The man thinks he was really close to win so he invents that it need to win two times to be the winner. Eriny smiles, she knows that men try in every way to have a justification when they lose against a woman and acceptes.

This time Eriny controls the situation and after a while she invites a second man to help his friend but the situation doesn’t change. Then incredibly she invites also the third man and at last she wins beating all the three.

Now it misses only a challenge and theorically she should already win the challenge but the men invent that the third challenge is the decisive because she counts three point. Eriny knows perfectly it is false but she loves beat men so she acceptes. The third challenge is the kickboxing challenge.

The match begins but is a onesided match, Eriny avoids or stops any attacks and hits the man with kicks and punches. I would prefer she uses more kicks than punches (high kicks, lateral kicks, etc.). Gradually for the man becomes more difficult stand up and he is very tired but he continues to try to win, he can’t lose by a woman. Eriny after a while advice to him to give up, she thinks it should better for him if he doesn’t want to have a bad final but he can’t accepte that a tiny woman could beat him.

The man is passed out so Eriny thinks that the challenges are finished but the other two men want a revenge. They can’t accepte that a woman could beat three men so when she is ready to go away they threathen her. They want destroy her. They are still conviced they can beat her so they start to attack her and when the third man regains his strenght he helps his friend in this kamikaze attack.

In this part Eriny uses all she knows: kicks, punches, but also judo moves, karate moves….. The match remains a onesided match where the men try to win but they can’t. At last she finishes the man in different ways (you can use the way you consider more humiliating). When the men are out she wear her high heel and she goes away.


The men could wear what you consider more adapte for the story, for the situation.

Eriny if it’s possible wears when she enters like http://heels4kicks.com/index.php?route=product/product&product_id=419, then when she fights like this video but without sleeves http://heels4kicks.com/index.php?route=product/product&product_id=304. During the thug of war (the second challenge) she leaves shoes for sure and for the rest at your choise, she can remain like she enters (but without shoes) or like when she fights.

Location: the gym if is not too much expensive or in a different place if you think alike to obtain a good video (also your house).


It need a solid table for the armwrestling challenge. Eriny doesn’t never leave the elbow from the table and she always sits during the armwrestling battles. The man can cheat in any way.

During the challenges I loves there are some dialogues. I love Eriny teases the men and talk about the battle of sexes. Eriny could also tell she is new in her the gym and she won easily every challenge also with man bigger then them. If you have some ideas you can also exaggerate about Eriny performances.

She is never in difficult. 

The men are very important, they must show believable, not terrible actors. They must use every effort and every way to win. Please don’t use new men like the twins that were terrible in the Dragon team against Crystal. 

I wouldn’t see the smaller men of your team in the video. 

The smaller one perhaps could be the kickboxer.

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Eriny vs 3 champions. The competition between the gyms

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