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  • Crystal punishes cocky guys

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The scene starts with Drago and Igor sparring each other (both guys still wearing shirts at this time) Then after a while, Crystal walks into the room and asks the guys "Do you guys know Bo, I was told I can find him here?" Drago would say "Whatever business you have with our boss, you can tell us" Crystal would insist looking for Jay and says "I don’t speak to grunts, I only need to speak to your boss, where is he?” Igor would say “Well, you have to get through us first before meeting with Our boss!” Crystal replies, “Ok, if that is what you guys want, I’ll take you both!” Both Drago and Igor would laugh and get cocky, Drago would say “Are you sure about that?” Then both Drago and Igor take off their shirts and start to flex their muscles to intimidate Crystal. Have them flex for about 20 seconds and maybe say something like Crystal is a girl and weak and can’t beat us, as they flex. Crystal will be unimpressed and says “Let’s get this over with, I need to speak to Bo!” Then the fight begins. Have the Dragon brothers attack Crystal but she just dodges and blocks until finally Drago and Igor send a punch at the same time but Crystal catches their fist, she twist their arms and slams the Dragon Brothers to each other, both brothers will now be dizzy side to side each other. About 10 seconds of dizziness, Crystal does the 5 double gut punches and 5 double uppercuts to the brothers as they remain dizzy, do this 5 times. After that, have them dizzy for another 10 seconds then Crystal finishes the fight by delivering left and right hooks to the head hitting both guys for about 10 seconds, then a double gut punch and a double uppercut sends the brothers KO’d to the floor. Crystal looks down at the brothers then she places her foot on Igor’s chest. As she looks down at the brothers, Bo (still with a shirt) enters the room and see Crystal victorious. Bo will say “What did you just do?” Crystal replies “Ah! Finally, I’m looking for you! You owe me big time and this is payback!” Bo will be angry and say, “ You cannot win against me” Bo then takes off his shirt and flexes for about ten seconds in a cocky manner. Crystal still unimpressed says “That does not scare me, you’re gonna be joining this two in dreamland” Then the fight begins. Bo attacks but Crystal just dodges and blocks, until finally, Crystal dodges Bo’s punch then delivers a gut punch and an uppercut to Bo making him dizzy, have him dizzy for 10 seconds then Crystal delivers fast abdominal punches for 15 seconds, then works Bo’s head like a speed bag for 10 seconds, finally, Crystal rotates her arm around like charging an uppercut but as she rotates her arm she hits Bo, then she delivers the final charged uppercut bringing Bo to KO in the floor. Crystal puts her foot at Bo’s chest with arms to her side and says “I’m not done with you yet” The scene fades then re-opens as all guys recover. Crystal, waiting, says “finally, you guys are awake, ready for round two, all three of you against me!” This makes the guys upset, they flex again to intimidate Crystal for about ten seconds. Then they all attack, but Crystal keeps in dodging or blocking. Finally, all three guys decided to surround Crystal and attack all at the same time, the guys attack with a punch but Crystal bends down and the guys hit each other instead that bring them to dizziness. Crystal laughs and says “this should be fun!” She lines up the guys side by side each other, Bo in the middle with the dragon brothers to each his side, now 3 guys are dizzy side by side each other. Crystal then will do a 5 double gut punch and 5 double uppercut, since there are three guys, Bo will always get hit. She starts with Drago and Bo, doing 5 double gut punch and 5 double uppercuts repeated twice then moves onto Igor and Bo delivering the same 5 double gut lunch and 5 double uppercuts twice, then moves back to Drago and Bo then again to Igor and Bo, do this for maybe 4 cycles. After that, show the guys dizzy for about ten seconds then Crystal delivers karate chops to each guys neck making them kneel in front of her. Crystal then attacks with the left and right foot slaps hitting all three guys for about 15 seconds. Then she uppercuts them one by one making them stand up again. While the guys dizzy, Crystal laughs then the scene darkens, we only hear punches and kicks and moans and groans from the guys, the scene opens again with the guys cupping their balls as if they got hit there, Crystal laughs again then the scene darkens, again, we only hear punches and kicks and moans and groans, the scene opene again with the guys KO’d on the floor and Crystal victorious with her foot on Bo’s chest. She then says “pathetic” then leaves the room. Have the camera focus on the KO’d guys for 15 seconds before the scene fades. Have the guys KO’d like in the picture I attach with this. 

Language:  Russian with English subtitles

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Crystal punishes cocky guys

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