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  • Eriny destroyes the gang
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First part 

Scene 1 : We see all the henchmen be on guard at their posts : 

- One at the door outside of the flat

- One in the living room.

- One upstair in front of the door of the bathroom (two if you can use a mannequin) 

Eriny is tied down on a chair witout shoes. She wakes up and look around her "what i'm doing here ?". 

Then she untied herself and stand up. She take a phone on a table and write a texto. 

Suddenly the boss (unmasked) enters in the room with a knife in his hand. 

The boss : Oh you are wake up, we will have fun together" 

Eriny : Idiot, you don't know me, i will massacre all of you. 

The boss : Are you crasy ? We are 6 men against you. 

Eriny : Six ? Ok thank you !  (She uses the phone and call her men, she similling: It's me they are 5 men in the flat, eliminate them all, i take about the last one, thanks guys !) 

Suddenly the Boss hears screams. And Eriny says sadisticly : All your men are eliminated now it's your turn. 

The boss : You will paid for that ! 

They fight but Eriny beats easily the men. The boss falls on his knee and Eriny takes his knife. He begs for his life but she cuts his throat coldly, and he fall on his back between the legs of Eriny suffocating before dying. She looking with smile

One the man eliminated, Eriny turn the head of the man with her foot (show up close) the man have his eyes and mouth open. Then she puts her foot on his head and doing victory pose, rubbing his head with her foot. Then she leaves the room stepping on his body. 

Eriny go out of the room and see the cadavers of the other men. At her feet their is a body layer on his chest with a bag on him with new clothes. She says " Oh thank you guys" . She takes the bag. Then she shoots the body at her feet and go to the bathroom, stepping on the body's back. 

At the door of the bathroom their is another eliminated guy on the floor. She shoots him and enter in the bathroom, using the eliminated man like a doormat to wipe her pantyhose.

Second part

Eriny go out of the bathroom with her new clothes stepping again on the henchman. 

Then she go down the stair and see her high heels at the bottom of the living room and a man who survive to the shooting crawling on the floor. She walks to him and puts her foot on his back to stop him. He begs for his life but Eriny shoot him in the head many times to finish him. Then she walks on his body. Put on their shoes and leaves the flat, stepping on the henchmen back on her way. 

She open the door and see the last man laying on his back, she looks him and smile "It's over loser band". Then she goes out stepping on the chest of the man.

The clip ending with Eriny walking in the corridor.

Language:  Russian with English subtitles

Also available to download in full 1920 x 1080 HD

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Eriny destroyes the gang

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