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I would like the video to be framed as Eriny playfully demonstrating her karate kicks in POV for her partner's enjoyment. Please shoot the video as if the partner was the person holding the camera, watching everything. I would like her to wear a dress like before, maybe something a little more colourful, no shoes. For the first minute, I would like her to do kicks towards the camera - please zoom out the camera further back than in Eriny in the Action, the kicks shouldn't be "hitting" the person watching, the camera should show her whole body if possible. After a minute, she should remember that her partner likes pantyhose, so she will put on a pair of black pantyhose in front of him, teasing him with them. She should then continue to demonstrate POV high kicks for three more minutes - please mix up the types of kicks too! After that, a masked man will walk in and threaten Eriny and her partner, and she begins to attack him with her kicks. It soon appears that the intruder is quite weak however, so Eriny starts to enjoy herself, kicking and toying with the victim while making it all into a show for her partner. Eriny finishes the intruder with a final high kick and finish with a quick grappling move (please don't hold for too long), before her partner the cameraman reveals that he hired the masked man to attack her for his enjoyment. Then, Eriny should get angry and attack the cameraman for real, dealing more POV kicks with the camera moving as if the person is being hit for another three minutes - Eriny finally sends the cameraman to the floor with one last kick and does a victory pose on his face with her feet. Again I would love it if Eriny had fun with the shoot and added in her own moves whenever she wanted and taunting her victim. 

Language:  Russian with English subtitles

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Don't play with Eriny

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