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  • Crystal in leather rescues the hostage

Custom clip request 

Crystal releases the hostage: 

Scene 1 : Christal enters a building to be confronted with 2 guards proceeds to overpower them with lots of kicks to face, karate chops , include hold ones head between legs while fighting the other, and legs round ones neck being held by other she finally overpowers them both

Scene 2 

On staircase same fight scene as my clip Lora releases hostage with lots of high kicks, face kicks, scorpion kicks against one guard.

Scene 3 - still on staircase and same as Lora releases hostage again kicks , legs round neck chops etc.

Final scene in room with 2 guards and hostage again lots of kicks chops similar to before and knocks them both out to release the hostage. 

Outfit is usual leather / pvc mini skirt, leather top , thigh high boots , gloves and white panties no tights. 

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Crystal in leather rescues the hostage

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