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Bandits are sent to capture Leslie’s kid sister Eriny. Eriny is not going down quietly and she must endure a hard fight in order to survive. Will she eliminate the Bandits, or will they take her in?


Eriny arrives home skipping from school. She leaves her school bag near the door as she heads towards the living room. She is sucking on a lollypop. She is the sister of World renowned martial artist and spy Lesley. She sits on the lonely chair and starts playing with her phone. All of the sudden the door opens and two masked men enter her apartment.

Eriny smiles confidently. “Let me guess”, she says while sucking on her lollipop. “You are looking for Leslie? She is not here. She is out there saving the world”

“Actually”, the boss says. “We are looking for you. We plan to set a trap for Leslie”

“Really”, Eriny says really excited and really over confident. “Well. Here I am. Come and get me”

Villain 1 approaches Eriny who is still sitting on her chair. As soon as he is in range Eriny kicks him between the legs. Villain 1 crumbles in pain and falls to his knees. Eriny then kicks him in the face bringing him down. Eriny smiles and looks at the boss “Did you know I could fight?”, she asks innocently.

Boss is getting enraged and looks at his minion. “I told you she was dangerous”, he said. “Get up and kick her ass”

Villain 1 staggers to get up. Eriny extends her leg stopping him in his tracks as he admires her beautiful leg. “Like what you see?”, she asks. Eriny then kicks him on  the face all while sitting on her chair. As he goes down, she kicks him gain on the face. She then puts her stiletto shoe on Villain’s 1 throat. “Such strong men coming for a poor innocent girl”, Eriny Mocks.

“Enough!”, the boss yells. “You will fight me now!”

Eriny smiles as she releases the bad guy. Villain 1 crawls out of the way as the boss approaches calmly while Eriny continues sitting there. The boss is rolling his sleeves as he stands in front of Eriny just far enough for her not to kick him. He puts himself in a fighting stance. “You need someone to teach you some manners”, he says. “GET up and Fight me”

Eriny sighs bored. “Well you asked for it”. She slowly stands up but she is not ready when The Boss attacks hard. The Boss punches the girl in the face three times catching Eriny off guard. Eriny grunts in pain as the boss than proceeds to punch her stomach three times. Eriny is dazed as the boss finishes her off with an uppercut. Eriny falls back on her chair dazed because of the punishment. She is dizzy because of the blows.

The boss smiles as he rubs his hands. “Stupid little girl”, he says. “You will now feel the meaning of pain”

Eriny rubs her face and looks at the boss defiantly. “You are going to pay for that”, she is seriously hurt.

The Boss then turns towards his henchman. “That is how you beat a little girl”, the boss says.

“But boss”, Villain 1 says. “She is just a kid”

“I don’t care”, the boss says. “Get her”

Eriny shakes off the pain and stands up. “This little girl is about to kick your ass”, she says getting serious and putting herself in a fighting pose.

Villain 1 stands up and approaches her. Eriny fires a right hand punch, than a left hand punch to the face. Followed by two punches to the chest. She than stands back and kicks him in the chest followed by a roundhouse kick to the face. Villain 1 falls down

Eriny advances to the boss who is already in a fighting stance. “You are about to join your friend”, Eriny says.

“You will try”, the boss says ready for her. He fires a right and a left-hand punch only for Eriny to block. She kicks him between the legs. The boss crumples down. Eriny confidently crouches in front of him. “Is that your best?”, she asks winning her confidence again and getting cocky.

“Well done little girl”, the boss says as Eriny lets him stand up. “But today, you will meet your match”

Eriny shrugs “I doubt it”, she says over confident. She fires a kick only for the boss to catch her leg. She’s surprised as the boss fires three punches to her face. She screams in pain as the bad guy connects. The Boss then punches her leg twice causing her to scream in pain. He releases her.

Eriny is limping but still has fight in her. The boss advances firing a punch. Eriny blocks and counters with a succession of hits to his stomach. The bad guy grunts. Eriny fires punches to his face. Right punch and left punch. Right punch and left punch. Each time she connects the bad guy takes a step back. She finishes him with a kick to the face. The boss crumples down.

Eriny is somewhat tired after the exchange. She turns around and sees Villain 1. He fires a roundhouse kick to her hace. Eriny screams in pain and spins in her place. She’s visibly stunned. “Round 2 bitch”, Villain 1 says.

Eriny is stunned and fires a right hand punch but Villain 1 blocks it. She grabs her arm and twists causing pain on her shoulder. He then punches Eriny’s stomach three times. Eriny grunts in pain. Vilain 1 releases her and fires a roundhouse kick that spins her again causing her to scream in pain. Eriny is stunned and shakes the cobwebs while the bad guy taunts her.

“How does it feel to get kicked in the face?”, he asks laughing.

Eriny rubs her face a bit. “I don’t know”, she says. “Something like this”. She than kicks him in the face flooring him. As the bad guy goes down on his knees. She’s on him punching left and right. Left and right. She’s relentless. The Boss recovers and smiles. The Boss stands up and grabs her from the back pinning her arms back in a vice lock. She struggles but the boss has her trapped.  Villain 1 recovers from the punishment and punches Eriny in the stomach three times. Eriny grunts in pain. She gets hit on the face three times for her troubles. She’s getting scared and thinking fast as the guy delivers two more punches to the stomach and finishes her off with an uppercut. Eriny screams in agony as the room is spinning.

“You are weak child”, The Boss says. Eriny jumps and grabs Villain 1 with her legs scissoring him. Villain 1 punches her legs. Eriny screams in pain as he punishes her legs but keeps her grip around his neck. She twists and breaks his neck. As her feet land. She smashes the back of her head on the boss's face. She than steps on his foot with her stiletto. The Boss screams in pain. Eriny turns and tries to kick, but as she tries, she feels pain in her thigh that she can’t raise her leg. She grunts in pain. The bad guy sees this and punches her with a right punch to the face, than a left punch to the face, than a right hand to the face, than a left punch to the face. Than a right. Each time he connects Eriny takes a step back. Each punch causes her to grunt in pain. She reaches a wall. Eriny is dazed. The Boss than stands in front of her and fires rapid punches to her stomach like a machine gun. Eriny receives the punches like she is a punching bag. The punches destroy Eriny from the inside. She has no air and is just dazed. That is when the boss steps to the side and  kicks her in the face. Eriny crumples down on the ground. She’s dazed because of the punishment. The room is spinning. She feels crushed and defeated even though she has eliminated a bad guy already.

The Boss is cleaning himself while Eriny is not getting up. “I know what you are feeling”, he says. The boss grabs her by one of her ponytails and stands her up. Eriny grunts in pain. “You feel confused”. The Boss punches her in the stomach. Eriny screams. She is helpless to stop him. “You feel overwhelmed”, the boss says and punches her stomach one more time. “You are asking yourself… Why am I losing?”, The boss hits her with an uppercut.  

Eriny is dazed as the boss releases her. The boss takes a step back and looks at her “It is because you suck”. The Boss finishes her off with a roundhouse kick kicking her in the face.

Eriny goes down. She’s in pain but wipes the blood off her mouth. She tries to stand up but fails. She gets on one knee and looks at The Boss very weak. “My sister will eliminate you”, she says as she groans to stand up. And puts herself on a fighting stance. She is wobbly on her heels but she wants to keep on fighting. Eriny fires a left and right punch. Her attacks are slow and weak. They are easily blocked by The Boss. She tries to punch his chest and stomach but he blocks easily. “Your martial arts skills are that of a beginner”, he says. He blocks the next attack and delivers a devastating ear clap attack over both of Eriny’s ears. She screams in pains and is instantly stunned. He delivers an uppercut that leaves her more dazed. He then fires 8 rapid fire punches to her stomach. Eriny just grunts and her body takes the punishment. He finishes her off with a left punch and right punch to the face. But Eriny remains up. The final punch is an uppercut. Eriny falls to the ground seemingly in pain. She can’t take any more punishment.

Eriny’s confidence is almost broken. But the fire inside her lingers. She can’t lose. She needs to overcome this. She tries to get up but her body does not cooperate

“Where is your smile now? How does it feal when you are on the losing end?”, THE BOSS asks. “You are beaten! Come with me now!”

Eriny is weak but determined. She cleans the blood from her mouth. “Time to end this”, Eriny says. She moves like lightning pulling energy from nowhere. She fires a punch to his stomach than an uppercut to the face. The Boss tries to counter but Eriny has found speed from somewhere unknow. She’s fast and her punches are stronger than ever. She kicks his legs cutting him down to size bringing him to his knees. Eriny is relentless. She punches and kicks the boss not allowing him to go down. She is destroying him with every kick and every punch. She continues her assault on the Boss punching his stomach and chest like he is a punching bag. She is full of rage. She continues punching his face.

“Please!”, he begs. “No more. I give up”

“Too late for that”, Eriny says as she roundhouse kicks him to the ground. She steps over his head and starts stepping on it. She then puts his head between her legs and snaps his neck.

Eriny breaths hard recovering. She smiles and fixes herself up. “Got to clean up before Lesley arrives”. She surveys the damage she has done.

Language:  Russian with English subtitles

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Schoolgirl Eriny vs Two Bandits

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