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  • Agent Miya performs her task

Miya is an agent sent on a mission to rescue a hostage from a very dangerous terrorist. Since the hostage was tortured for important information, the terrorist must be eliminated as well. 

Miya sneaks into the base and comes across a henchman. She sneaks behind him and grabs him into a sleeperhold. The guard struggles to escape but is unable to. Miya demands that he tell her where the hostage is and he eventually gives up the information. Satisfied, Miya then finishes him off by snapping his neck.

As she continues through the base, Miya comes across two guards and they try to stop her. She explains that she just wants the boss and the hostage and they should leave to avoid suffering. Confident in their abilities, they laugh and attack her. This fight should be like the ones in “You’d better not to touch me” with Miya dodging and blocking many of their attacks throughout the fight. She defeats them without too much effort and finishes them off (you can use serpent strike, neck break, or the move from crushing hands with the fingers to the throat).

Next she comes across a guard guarding the door leading to the hostage. Miya says she needs to get in there but the guard says his orders are to let nobody disturb the boss while he’s working. He and Miya fight. He’s tougher than the others and there’s a bit of back and forth. Miya gains the upper hand and gets him into headscissors on the ground while pulling on his arm with both hands just like in “Eriny came to destroy and nothing will stop her”(armbar headscissors I guess). Just like in that film, Miya will keep him in headscissors until his neck snaps or he stops breathing. She then stands up and goes through the door. 

In the next room, Miya finds the boss torturing the hostage. The hostage is tied to a chair and has a bag over his head. Miya gets the boss’s attention and tells him that he’ll suffer less if he releases the hostage but if he doesn’t he will be finished painfully. He tells her that she’s the one who will be finished and they both get into martial arts stances to fight. The boss is tougher than all of the henchmen and he and Miya are pretty evenly matched both landing lots of blows on one another. As the fight wears on, however Miya is determined to win and begins to block and dodge more of his blows and counters with her own punches and kicks. She gains the upper hand and beats him with punches and kicks until he is on his knees. She slowly walks behind him and places her hands on his head and breaks his neck.

Miya then removes the bag from the hostage’s head and unties him. He is weak from the torture so she helps him to get up and walk out of the room. Mission Accomplished. 

Outfit: She should wear the black leather outfit from Crushing Margo’s Hands with black high heeled boots. Her hair should be untied.

Two male actors can be used. All henchmen can wear masks. No mask for the boss. The hostage will be unmasked when the bag is removed from his head.

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Agent Miya performs her task

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