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It starts off with her training alone in the Dojo.  The two "Dragon Brothers" walk in.  "We are here to get our revenge!".  She says: "I beat you last time.  Why do you think you are going to win this time?"  Two more guys walk in.  She says: "Ah, you brought two friends!  I guess you knew you couldn't take me alone!"  

They line up, confronting her and say "Shut up and fight.  This time, we will smash you!".  She says: "Where is your coach?".  One grins: "Hehe, well, this isn't going to be a fair fight!  No rules this time!  Our coach would never let us do that.  But he will be happy if we tell him that we beat you up!".  She says: "Oh yeah?  No rules?"  She grabs one of them, looks at some others: "I say, you better leave quickly now. 

Nobody needs to get hurt."  The guys laugh at that: "The only one that will get hurt is you!"  She says: "Alright then, who wants to get beaten up first?".  The two Dragon brothers come forward: "Well, baby, it is you versus the two of us now!".  The other two sit down, laughing, as if enjoying the show.

First fight, her vs the two Dragon brothers.  Back and forth, on the floor and standing.  She wins.  She tells them: "Remind me.  I thought I was supposed to be hurt, not you! What did I miss?". The other two guys look surprised and angry.

She turns to the two others: "Are you as pathetic as these two?" They stand up: "You have no chance against us!".  They stand up. She fights them.  Once more, she wins.

She tells them: "Is that all you got?  C'mon.  Let's see whether the four of you together can beat me! [With sarcasm:] You are four strong men and trained fighters!  I am just a girl!"  She smiles triumphantly.

The four get up.  One says, "We will wipe that smug smile off your face now!".  Another says: "Friends, let's be smart about this.  If we all attack her together, we can beat her!".  She says: "Try your very best!".  They start fighting.  If at all possible, have quite a bit or most of the fight with all of them attacking her at once, rather than one after the other.   It is a much tougher and longer fight, on the ground, standing.  She takes quite a few hits, occasionally seems hurt.  But she prevails and wins again.

She says: "Even the four of you cannot beat me up?  You are pathetic.  I give you a choice, then."  The guys slowly get up, clearly a bit hurt now.  "You can leave now and tell your coach, that you got beaten by a girl, and never try this again."  One guy says: "What is the other choice?".  She says: "We have one more fight.  But if we fight again, I won't be holding back.  I will beat all of you down completely!"  The guys look at each other. She says: "But I want to make it interesting!  I need a bit of a challenge here!  I will give you a few handicaps, and see whether you can beat me up first!  Come on now, here, hold me and try to beat me!"  The guys laugh, finally full of confidence again.  One approaches her from her back and puts her in a chокe hold.  She lets him.  Two others hold on tight to her arms, she lets them. Make it look like they are really holding her tight!! The forth starts to punch her abs, her face.  She says: "Come on now, punch harder!".  His fists starts to hurt.  Another one says, "let me try!".  She says to the one choking her: "You need to chокe me harder, come on!".  He chокes her harder, the other guy punches her.  She let's them proceed for a while, then fights them off. The guys land on the ground, while she is still standing.

She says, "Ok, then.  Let's try something else!" She lies on the ground. "Come on now, mount me and try to beat me up!".  Two mount her.  The other two each take an arm and try to armbar her.  The two that mount her start punching.  She seems hurt a bit more, struggling to get out of the armbar.  Eventually she does.  Now she wrestles with all four of them on the ground.  It is tough! But eventually, she gets one in a chокe hold and chокes him until he is out, while the other three try to pry her off that guy. She then proceeds to scissor to another one.  Finally she gets up and beats down the remaining two.

She says: "I told you I would beat you all down completely!  This was your choice, not mine!".  She walks out.

Language:  Russian with English subtitles

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Crystal vs the Dragon Team

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