female fighting stories

  • Eriny came to destroy and nothing will stop her

1) the length of the clip;

10 Minutes

2) the number of participants;

Eriny plus one male actor to play multiple guards

3) the complexity of the shooting;

Eriny plays an agent sent in to wipe out everyone in a building. She's been told she can only destroy them using rear naked chokeholds, headscissors or breaking their necks. There are 7 guards in total.

4) specific requirements regarding the attire of the participants;

Eriny to wear black catsuit and high-heeled boots

5) the need of using of special effects and their number;

No need for special effects

6) other specific requirements.

Eriny wears some black gloves as well as the catsuit & boots

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Eriny came to destroy and nothing will stop her

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