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  • Don't flirt with Linda it may cost you the life

Custom clip request 

I am looking for a custom with Linda. I was hoping for a video with her playing a Terminatrix. She would be wearing something that shows her legs off in heels and pantyhose. I would want her to be over powering with the men. 

My idea is Linda is an Executrixx with super human strength.  

The clip starts out as Linda enters the building there are two guards she flirts with before destroying them quickly. Maybe she throws one across the room then punches the second with her hand going through him. Then she walks over to the second, showing off her legs, and finishes him off. 

She makes her way through the building taking out masked guard (so they can be reused)one by one. She should finish them effortlessly and total domination. She can quickly flirt with them to distract them using her legs and cleavage. Different eliminations like making them shoot themselves and lifting off the ground. Is it possible to lift a guard over her head then break his back on her knee?

The main target is in a room being guarded by a bodyguard. She approaches the guard and flirts him. As she is flirting with him she starts to lean into him (kind of like Anna did in a video) in a flirty way. The pressure starts to increase and she crushes him against her фтв wall. She enters the room with the main target. He tries to run but she grabs him by the neck and throws him across the room.  

He is lying on the floor. When he awakes Linda is sitting in a chair with her legs crossed. Maybe get a view of her legs from his perspective. He gets up and pulls a trunk and points it at Linda. Linda stands and walks toward him smiling. She grabs him by the wrist and crushes him making him fall to his knees. Linda takes the trunk and puts it in his mouth. She smiles and pulls the trigger. Linda walks out of the room.  As she is leaving the guard outside the room is crawling away but runs into Linda.  The view from the floor runs up like Linda’s legs to her point the trunk at him.  She puts her finger to her mouth telling him to be quiet then shoots him.

Language:  Russian with English subtitles 

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Don't flirt with Linda it may cost you the life

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