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  • Eriny wears mules

Custom clip request 

Ok. So I'd like you do shots that are similar to the attached files. Eriny wears an outfit similar to shannon04 or 05. If she has shoes that are similar to those in shannon04 that would be great too. Open toe,  heel is same height and no ankle straps. Some makeup like pictures. Man wears a mask. Could you get the same man for this one. If not, the ones from the last few Eriny clips are good too.

Man walks into room and goes through draws. He turns around and acts startled. Closeup shot of Eriny shoe on the stool just like arch3. Followed by arch4. Camera moves up and stops when her thigh is showing. Closeup of mans face. Camera moves up to Erinys face, smiling.(attached files).

She says"Another one. They never learn"

Man gets ready to fight. She laughs at him. (Leg Shot file. Laugh file.) She says "They always fight. (rolling her eyes) Why do they always fight?"He throws punches and keeps missing. Slow mo of eriny dodging punches. She punches him. One hit He falls backwards. Closeup of his face looking at her. Closeup of her face putting on a smile(moonraker2gif without the loop). Repeat closeup of mans face as he starts getting up. Leg Shot with man in background getting back up and getting ready to try again. She hits him again and again. He staggers backwards every time. I'd like to see a long shot of her foot just like Arch1 (camera doesn't move) with man in background attacking her and getting hit. Also showing the other side of her foot. 30 to a 1min each side. 

She steps away from the stool and starts beating him up. AgentLesleygif. Could you do shots similar to AgentL files.

She stands there watching him stand up again from the floor.

Shot of her shoe like Arch2. Not arched yet. He gets ready to fight. She arches her foot in response. Close up of his face looking at her foot. Close up of her face raising an eybrow. Back to closeup of her shoe when he attacks. She doesn't move. Camera stays on her shoe while he attacks and gets hit. Shot changes to show whole leg. Just the one. 

Man falls down again. Eriny walks over to him and forces him to stand up. She beats him up AgentLesley style.

You can improvise from here.

She sits with legs crossed at some point for several minutes. Different angles and close ups.

Many closeups of her face and shoes throughout the video.

Language:  Russian with English subtitles

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Eriny wears mules

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