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The brute is at his favorite hangout (visually distinguishable from Eriny’s place), where another guy is talking to him. "Have you heard about the new girl down the street? She claims to be the toughest person in town." The brute looks annoyed and abruptly leaves the conversation.

In the next scene we see him entering Erinys room, angrily shouting "Nobody is tougher than me!" and closing the distance to the smaller girl. Eriny just smiles as she examines him. "Looks like we have a disagreement then. Why don't you show me what you've got?"

He is puzzled, but also angry when she doesn't back off. "Watch your mouth or I'll beat you up!" She slightly tilts her head, answering after a short pause. "Yeah, that is what I was suggesting you to try. Go ahead." She then presents herself wide open and smiles, awaiting his attack.

The brute is still confused, but angry enough to do just that and rams his fist against her stomach, but she is completely unfazed and just shrugs. "I hope that wasn't your best one." He smashes another blow against her. "Harder." Another one. "Harder." Furiously he attacks her a couple more times. After about half a dozen hits he steps back looking for any signs of damage, but she just smiles. "Harder."

He closes in again and launches a punch against her face. She still smiles as the hits smacks her head to the side and casually readjusts it to look back at him with amusement. "So that's enough to be considered the toughest one here?" He smacks her head around a couple more times, but it is pretty obvious he isn't causing any damage. Irritated he walks around her and slams his elbow against her spine a couple of times, but her only reaction is a smirk.

He moves in front of her again launches some powerful kicks into her, much to her amusement. Finally he takes a step back and puts all his energy into one powerful kick at her stomach. While she still appears to be unharmed the pure force of the kick sends her flying to the ground. He launches himself on her in an attempt to squash her, but she just laughs. Still on the ground he aims more hits against her head and when his hands hurt too much to continue he stands up and delivers a barrage of kicks against his amused opponent. Eventually he has to catch his breath and she casually stands up. He watches his smiling and obviously unharmed opponent in disbelief for a moment. "Giving up?"

Cautiously he approaches her again, obviously unwilling to give up yet and looking for a weak spot. As she presents herself wide open again he puts her in a sleeper hold, which she doesn't resist at all. But while he is trembling with effort, she is just standing there, utterly unaffected by his attempt. Eventually the smile fades as she grows bored. There isn't the slightest strain in her voice despite the brute still trying to strangulate her. "This doesn't work. Stop wasting your energy."

He eventually stops trying and faces her again and delivers an uppercut against his amused opponent. After this he grabs her by the shoulders, shaking her in frustration and finally slamming her against the wall with tremendous force. "Be careful with the walls please. I just bought this house." As the brute doesn't seem to listen and instead grabs her again, Eriny stops smiling for a moment and grabs him by the collar in return. She effortlessly lifts him off the ground with one arm and looks him straight into the eyes. "I'm not asking twice." He seems close to panicking. She on the other hand just sets him down after a short moment and starts smiling again, as she assumes the issue is settled. "No hard feelings. I don't think you actually damaged it." she declares, as she turns to inspect the wall.

The brute, still a bit shaken, grabs something sturdy (bat, wrench etc) as a arms while Eriny is still facing the wall and brings it down on her head with all his might. She takes a second or two to finish the inspection before facing him again with a smile. "Eager to continue I see?" He seems unable to comprehend why his arms didn't work, but when she presents herself wide open again he just hits her again and again. As she just nonchalantly readjusts her head to face him after each hit that smacks it to the side it almost seems like she is shaking her head in amusement.

Eventually he tosses the arms away in frustration. "Doesn't anything hurt you?" She just shrugs, amused by the question. "Nothing you could do."

He looks around and finds an axe. In an attempts to intimidate her, he presents it to her face. "I could always use this." She visibly brightens up and heads to the next table or something to lean over it, 

presenting her neck while looking at him. "Sure, go ahead. Could be fun." He is confused as he mostly wanted to scare her and didn't expect her to go along. "Are you insane?" She seems a little bit impatient. "Just make sure you get a clean hit. And put some effort into it for once."

Her questioning his effort seems to be enough to make him angry again, so he approaches her and raises the axe. "You asked for it." he exclaims before he brings it down hard. "Come on. Harder." He clenches his teeth and brings it down again and again she demands him to hit harder. His eyes wide open in terror he swings again and again, with her happily asking to hit harder after every single blow. Eventually he stops, utterly exhausted with an empty expression and drops the axe. Eriny comes to his side and offers her support as he seems to have trouble to even keep standing. "I guess we better stop for the moment. But it was some good fun. Come back whenever you feel like losing some steam. You can bring any arms you want!"

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Invulnerable Eriny

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