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  • Eriny uses her superpowers to destroy the gang

Custom clip request 

Eriny’s image reference is in attachment. As close as possible (She always carries a satchel)

Please note that:When she uses super power,No need for concentration or other action,It's easy and casual to use super ability

Scene one: Eriny wears clothes, skirts, socks, high heels at home, Goes out with a satchel, It's like shopping.

Scene two: Eriny comes to secret base (she always carries a satchel), There are two bandits, Question: who are you? Eriny naughty says, "are you afraid of the girls who eliminate people?", The gangster laughed and said, "we're scared. Come on." The bandits began to touch Eriny's face and thighs, Eriny suddenly disappeared and appeared in the distance, A gangster took out his knife and walked over Eriny. She looks at his eyes, uses mind control. Eriny said, "throw away the knife and come over here". The bandit came up, and Eriny says "kneel down". The bandit knelt down, and then touches the ground with head, Eriny steps on his head with one foot, Then asks the other bandit, "do you want to rescue him?" Eriny begins to float (Eriny hands down naturally, holding the satchel all the time), Float to another bandit, The bandit started shooting, and couldn't stop her, Eriny surface. Floating in front of him without expression, The bandits knelt down, There are Eriny's floating legs In front of him. The bandit looks up and Eriny lookes at him (up looking lens), Eriny landing (close-up),Grab his g…, Eriny shoots aiming at her thigh, there is no any effect. And then she shoots the bandit's thigh, The bandit fell to the ground, Eriny holds the bandit's head in both hands, The bandits struggles, Eriny slowly turns the bandit's head, his neck breaks.

A gangster who are still kneeling on the ground, Get rid of mind control, Sober up, Eriny turns back to him, He starts to run away, he opens the door, Eriny suddenly appears behind the door, The gangster turns to another door, After the door is opened, Eriny appears again behind the door, Eriny floats over his head, Put one foot on his head, The bandit can't move. Eriny asks him, "Would you like to stroke my legs?" How do you feel? Am I beautiful? The bandit knelt down. And then his head explodes, Eriny starts landing (Close-up).

Scene Three: Eriny carries a satchel. She comes to the door of BOSS's room. BOSS and his gangster blocked the door with their bodies, Eriny uses Perspective eye to look inside the room, Eriny smiles, Gently pushes the door with one hand, She proudly comes straight into the room, two people are on the ground. Eriny turns around and asks: "who wants to be finished off?" BOSS orders the gangster to attack Eriny, Eriny smiles and stretches out a finger. She puts it on the bandit’s chest, Bandit can't move forward, Eriny pushes the gangster to the wall with her finger. She holds the bandit's neck with one hand, The bandits leaves the ground, She asks the bandits: “Am I beautiful?” Eriny takes out her cell phone and begins to photograph herself. The bandit is struggling and shaking the camera, Eriny is angry. She pushes the bandit's head slightly with her other hand. The bandit's head explodes. The bandit fell to the ground. Eriny puts her hands over her mouth. She is very surprised. The bandit doesn’t move. She says: “I’m sorry, I was too careless, you were too fragile.

BOSS is ready to run away. Eriny says, "I'll give you a chance. You can live." And then Eriny sits down on the couch and crosses her legs. BOSS comes to sofa, Eriny says, "change the socks for me and you can live". BOSS slowly takes off Eriny's high-heeled shoes, then takes off Eriny’s socks. Eriny herself puts on her new socks (sexy Close-up), BOSS helps Eriny to wear her high heels, Eriny smiles and says: "don't blame me", BOSS holds Eriny's leg and asks Eriny not to finish him off. Eriny pulls the leg out of his hands, picks up her Satchel and says: “Not now”. She walks out of the room like a model. When Eriny goes to the door she says: “Bomb” (without looking back) and BOSS's head explodes, Eriny smiles, and then goes away.

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Eriny uses her superpowers to destroy the gang

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