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  • Linda rescues the President

Custom clip request 

Here is my story... 

I'd like the girl to be Linda. I would like her in a superheroine costume. Ideally one of the one piece latex style ones you've used. Ideally something showing cleavage and no cape.

She walks down some stairs and a man is standing there with a g... He should be all in black and wearing a balaclava. She sneaks up on him and taps his shoulder. He spins around and she grabs his arm. She pulls it up, so the g... is facing the ceiling, her hand around his wrist. Then he screams and drops the g..., as she crushes his wrist. 

Next her other hand grabs him around the neck and she lifts him off the floor. She slams him into the wall, one arm around his neck and the other around his broken wrist. He grabs her around the wrist with his free hand. Then she asks him... "where is the President?".

He tells her..."in the basement" then she smiles sweetly and says "thank you". She blows him a kiss, then increases the pressure and he is out. His hand drops from her wrist... She holds him there for another second... then allows him to slide down the wall a bit. Camera should show his feet slowly lowering back to the ground.  When his feet are back on the ground, She should squat down, put her shoulder into his stomach, then lift him over one shoulder. Then she should carry his self back down the corridor. This is obviously where the mannequin comes in... dressed the same.  Please show her walking and carrying the body from lots of different angles. At least two minutes. She should be walking slowly and effortlessly. Lots of shots of her butt please. One of the angles should be with the camera on/near to the floor. She should walk over it and then walk away, while the camera stays still. 

Next scene. The camera should be in a dark room. The door should open and light comes in. She is standing outside. With him over her shoulder. She walks into the room and puts him on the ground. There should already be two other bodies in there. 

She should say... "Such helpful boys you've all been! Now time to go and save the president". Then turn around and walk out, closing the door after her back into darkness. 

Next scene. The camera opens showing a man with a bag on his head. Another man is pacing around with a radio. "POSITION 1... REPORT". Nothing back. Same again for position 2 and 3. Our heroine walks in. He looks over her and says, "Well I guess that explains why I can't contact anyone". He thinks about fighting her for a second but thinks better of it and runs. She catches up to him easily and spins him round. She grabs him by the shirt and hoists him off the floor with one hand. She says... "You're going to wake up with the worst headache of your life. If the president is hurt in any way... I'll come back for you and you'll dream of a little headache." With that she raises her other hand and flicks him on the forehead. His neck snaps back and he's unconscious. She lowers him to the floor and he collapses into a heap. 

Then she turns around to the man tied to the chair. She walks over quickly and squats down in front of him. She shakes him a couple of times to try and wake him up but to no avail. She goes behind him and easily snaps the handcuffs that are holding his arms together. He flops forward a bit. Then she walks around to the side, squats down and grabs one of his arms, lifting it up and draping it round her shoulders.  Next she puts one arm behind his back and the other under his knees and lifts him out of the chair into her arms, in the classic bride/groom carry. She turns around toward the door and says, "Don't worry Mr President. I'll get you to safety.". 

She then proceeds to walk out of the room and through a series of corridors and stairs. I want lots of camera angles, her walking toward the camera, away from the camera. Walking past with the camera on each side. Ideally one as if from a POV, showing her face and cleavage. On the stairs I want one from the stairs above and one from below... this should be at least 3 minutes. Again, She should walk in a casual, easy manner, the weight not troubling her in the slightest. 

After this. When she gets near to outside, she should put him down on the floor, pull off the bag... showing a man still out. Then she steps back. Spins around and changes costume into a sexy dress and heels. Ideally something shiny but that looks like a ball dress. She puts the bag back on his head... saying "probably best you don't find out about this.". She then lifts him back into her arms and looks at the camera... She says "We better get back to the ball. All in a day's work for the First Lady" and winks. Final scene is from outside. She emerges from the building, then carries the president away wearing her fancy dress... 

Rescue complete.

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Linda rescues the President

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