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Eriny is a sexy super goddess that has the power to do anything she wishes. For some reason she decides to do good today and eliminate an evil organization. Its important that everything Eriny does in the video takes no effort from her. She never shows any signs that she is struggling on her face at all. Also, I've noticed in other videos that the actors will charge up or focus before using a power, but I want all of Eriny's powers to happen instantly with ease. She doesn't have to charge up or focus to use her powers at all. She has a "playful" attitude similar to those other videos, but more of on the cute side. She smiles and knows the effect her looks have on men, and completely takes advantage of that. She laughs occasionally, but its not an evil creepy laugh. Its always short and cute.

There are only two costumes:

Casual Clothes: sexy tight clothing, preferably exposing her midriff. Hair can be up or down. It would be cool if it was slightly different than the Super Costume to contrast. Doesn't really matter exactly what it is other than that.

Super Costume: long black boots (the boots in Streetfighter Stella were perfect), blue very short jean shorts pulled all the way up (a belt can be used if needed), and a tight, long sleeve top that really exposes her midriff. (the picture you showed me was fine). I'd like her hair to be let down.

Scene 1: Film will start at a guard in a room. Eriny walks into the room. She's wearing the Casual Clothes. She walks in front of the guard and immediately he is in awe. She pretends not to notice him gawking at her. After looking at her beauty he timidly asks her to leave. She smiles, walks up, and gently taps his nose. He falls back into the wall. Sitting on the floor with his back to the wall, he looks up at her. She has her hands on her hips in a dominant stance, looking at him with a light smirk. Then her outfit transforms. She doesn't spin, and if there is a special effect here it should be very fast. Eriny is now wearing the Super Costume. The guard is shocked and in awe. She winks, then snaps her fingers, and the guard's neck breaks instantly. She smiles at his corpse, then teleports away.

Scene 2: Another guard in another room. He's standing in front of a wall in the room, trying to throw wadded up paper balls into a trash can that is all the way on the other side of the room. He misses every time, and starts to get frustrated. Eriny teleports in front of him in her new outfit. He is shocked but attracted to her. He tries to impress her by throwing a wadded ball into the trash can again. He misses and is embarrassed. She laughs cutely. She opens her hand, and one of the paper balls is pulled right into her hand (reversing a clip of her dropping the ball should make this easy).  Without looking, she tosses the ball over her shoulder. It goes all the way across the room into the trash can with zero effort. He is amazed, then angry for embarrassing him further. He walks up and throws a punch at her belly. She doesn't flinch, and smiles at him cutely. The man grabs his hand as if he punched a brick wall, and walks backwards. He throws another punch with the other hand. He is in much more pain and steps back further. As he is wincing in pain, Eriny puts her hand on her mouth with an "oh did I do that?" expression, and the other hand on her hip. She is quickly bored, and points her finger at him with her arm bent comfortably. His hands immediately come together at the wrists as if he has handcuffs on. He looks at her, scared of her powers. She smiles cutely. Then, without moving her arm, she moves her wrist so her finger points to the ground. The guard's hands plunge to the ground as if he has a massive weight tied to them. He gets his knees under him and is in a horse position, but his hands wont budge off the ground. Eriny walks up to him. As she's walking he struggles to get his wrists off the ground but they won't budge. Then gently taps his face with the foot of her boot. When it touches him, her strength causes him to fall backwards. He's destroyed. Eriny smiles at his corpse and teleports again.

Scene 3: Open to the boss's office. Eriny appears in a cute pose. He's incredibly attracted to her. She walks over in a cute way, showing off. She flicks his face and he falls back from the blow. He's on the ground and looks up, but she isn't there any more. He looks next to him and she is laying next to him in a sexy pose. Attracted to her, and quickly forgetting what she just did to him, he tries to touch her. She smiles at the attempt, and teleports right before he touches her. She is now standing in front of him, and he looks at her, shocked. Eriny smiles and waves "bye bye" at him. She points her finger at him comfortably. A laser beam comes from her finger and destroys the boss instantly (the beams you have used for laser vision in the past are fine). Then she chuckles cutely and her outfit changes back into the Casual Clothes in the same magical way they changed the first time. Then she walks out of the room.

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Super powerful Eriny

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