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  • Eriny isn't used to lose

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Eriny is make up with hair down. She is dressed with a tailored black skirt and white shirt, black transparent pantyhose (not opaque)  and black high heels

She enter in the flat to play blackjack. A man dressed with a suit welcomes her in the living room. (it's the croupier) 

She gives to him money to play and the man put the money in a little box (or suitcase) in the living room. 

Then he invites her to go upstairs in a room to play a game. 

They go in the room and play. Eriny lost and the man look be happy. 

She gets angry and takes off her shoes to fight the croupier. She destroys him.  

He tries to escape but she push him in the stairs (it's no necessary to show that) he falls downstairs on his back.

Eriny downs the stairs stepping on his stomach. The she touches his face with her foot and does victory poses.

She kicks the body and walks to the box to recover the money and ride up the stairs (stepping again on the man) to recover her heels. 

Then she downs the stairs (stepping a last time on the guy's body) and leave the flat. 

Language:  Russian with English subtitles

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Eriny isn't used to lose

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