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  • SuperEriny and WonderMargo unite their powers against invincible Linda

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Synopsis:  Two superheroines are sent to stop the unstoppable. 

Plot:  Linda is out to silence a witness in protective custody, and knowing nobody normal can stop her, two superheroines are sent.

Cast: 3 Females

Linda (Invulnerable series)

Eriny: Supergirl Costume 

Margo: Wonder Woman Costume 

No male actors

Scene 1:  This should be relatively quick. Linda is doing one of her walks, oozing confidence in her invulnerability.  She's looking for the witness when she is confronted by Supergirl and Wonder Woman.  The girls are not yet in their superheroine costumes, not completely believing the true extent of Linda's powers.

Eriny attacks alone with punches and kicks. Totally unable to do any damage, Linda smiles throughout.  The same happens when Margo attacks alone.

Soon after, Linda places her hands behind her head, tells them both to attack simultaneously. They both launch hard stomach punches over and over together on Linda who never loses her smile.  The girls quit the attack after both badly hurt their hands on Linda's abs.  Linda hits them each with a quick chop. Girls are out on the floor. Linda walks on.  The two girls awaken shortly and tell each other they can't hold back anymore.  Spin change into their costumes.

Scene 2:  The girls catch up.  Linda seems intrigued by their costumes.  Thinks they may have the ability to challenge her, but even with their powers it's not enough.  I give you authority to do the fight how you see fit, but Linda remains unstoppable.  Just keep it in  the vein of the other Invulnerable films.  Only request is a short scene where Linda is attacked by one from the front and one from the back at the same time for a few moments.  No damage will be done.  In the end Linda handles them both with a double throat lift and moves on.

Scene 3:  The superheroines catch up again.  Both fire heat vision that Linda takes with a smile.  More fighting with the same result. Linda pushes Eriny down.  Margo tries to keep Linda busy while Eriny reaches into her boot and attaches a device that teleports Samantha thousands of miles away. Doesn't matter where.  The desert.  The ocean.  Just far away so the witness is safe.  The superheroines are hurting but victorious and they have a quick conversation that they know they have to get stronger because Linda will be back.

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SuperEriny and WonderMargo unite their powers against invincible Linda

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