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  • Bionic Anna punishes the burglar

Custom clip request 

Anna wears an outfit that shows her cleavage and her legs. And the black platform shoes from Bionic Woman. Some makeup. Nothing around the neck. No gloves, no stockings, or socks. Fighting is similar to Agent Lesley part 1 but man fights back more often

Man wears appropriate clothing and a mask. Could you get the same man for this film?

I like the karate clip Stella and the Dragon Brothers. The way she gradually beat them down was excellent. I like when the master screams in pain when she elbows his back at the end. Could you do this film the same way. At first he's really strong and energetic. He starts getting more tired and screams in pain by end. 

The film starts with a view of the room. We can hear sounds of man throwing punches and missing. Then we hear his punch get blocked. He makes sounds of struggling. Anna laughs. She punches him many times and then we hear a louder one. Man falls on the floor in camera view. The camera moves across the floor until Annas shoe appears. Her foot is arched. 

You can improvise how it continues.

-Lots of closeups of her shoes, legs, cleavage, hands, and face.

-Standing and arching her feet and legs with man visible in background. 

-Lift man off the ground. Shot of his feet hanging and her shoes

-She kisses his cheek a few times in different parts of the film

-At one point she puts her shoe on his thigh and hold him there. Closeups of both sides of her foot.

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Bionic Anna punishes the burglar

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