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Anna is ironing her clothes, when we hear the entrance door being kicked open. She doesn't seem concerned at all and shows a faint smile as two thugs enter her room, one of them carrying a bat. "We've been told you refused to pay protection money. Don't you know how dangerous this neighborhood is? You need someone strong to protect you." 

Anna seems amused. "You think you are strong? I tell you what. We armwrestle and if you manage to beat me, I pay double." 

The thugs are confused for a second, but then one of them confidently steps forward and the two get into position with one arm behind their back and the other on a table or something similar. The other thug poses as referee and tells them to go, but while his friend is visibly trying Anna is just enjoying his hopeless struggle and keeps her arm in position with no effort at all. 

After trying to beat her fair for a short time he claims that she must be using some sort of trick and lifts his arm, pushing from above with leverage, but still unable to move her arm. Even as the other thug joins him and both push with both of their hands, they are unable to make any progress. To make things worse Anna starts teasing them. "Come on guys. Is that all you got?" 

Eventually they have to accept that they won't be able to move her arm and stop their attempts, but are unwilling to admit defeat. 

Instead one of the guys gets into her face. "Screw this, you are paying us right now or we make you!" Anna doesn't back away and just smirks. "Oh, I would love to see you doing that." 

The thug takes a step back and rams his fist into Annas stomach, surprised when she's clearly not in pain and rather seems to be keeping back her laughter. "You are lucky I don't bother flexing again wimps like you. Keep trying if you want." 

The guy does try a couple more punches, initially targeting the stomach, then he starts desperately searching for a weak spot (including a karate chop to her neck) and mostly targets her head. She keeps presenting herself wide open and gleefully watches the guys attempts to hurt her. She might occasionally laugh at his attempts or ask him to hit harder, but mostly she just silently enjoys the situation, smirking or playfully tilting her head and raising her eyebrows to tease her attacker. As is becomes more and more obvious how futile his attempts are the second thug tells him to step aside, closing in with the bat. We may catch a glimpse of the first thug approaching the ironing board. 

The guy with the bat attacks her as furiously as the other one before, but again she is just having fun while taking dozens of hits. "I'm kind of underwhelmed here. I was told you guys have the most advanced weaponry on the planet including alpha grade cyborgs and you decide to attack me with a stick? I mean... seriously?" Eventually the guy tries some ridiculously powerful kicks against her, but again she just laughs them off. 

Meanwhile the first thug has heated the iron and approaches her from behind, grabbing her head with one hand and pushing the hot iron against the other side of her face. Anna seems pleasantly surprised about their new attempt and doesn't resist. After a few seconds she playfully pushes her finger against the iron however, showing how little respect she has for the heat. After putting the iron away the thugs share a short glance however and grab Anna, who seems curious what they are about to attempt and doesn't offer any resistance as they lift her and head to the next window. The view switches to the facade of the building they are in as we hear glass shatter and see her body being thrown down. 

Shortly thereafter the thugs leave the building and are horrified to see an amused Anna waiting for them. "So... anything else you want to try?" 

They run out of the screen, but from the sound effects and Annas eyes following them we learn that they enter a car, drive a good distance backwards and then accelerate forward to drive past Anna at full speed. When she notices they want to get away she smiles and casually strolls into their way. As the truck closes in she joyfully delivers a punch that completely devastates it. "That is for breaking my door." 

The next scene takes place a couple days later back in Annas apartment. A cyborg enters and immediately starts firing at her with a machine gun. Anna patiently waits until he realizes the bullets don't work, at which point he throws his gun away and approaches the girl. He uses a lot of incredibly powerful attacks against her, but Anna just enjoys his futile attempts to harm her. Eventually he tries to subdue her with a bearhug, but she is obviously not impressed, calmly asking him to apply more force. As he seems unable to do so she effortlessly breaks his grip and casually shoves him, against the wall. The cyborg realizes he can't hope to harm Anna with regular attacks and activates his self-destruct, which causes a giant explosion.

After the smoke starts to clear we see Anna was hurled away by the shockwave. She is casually standing up from the ground, lightly stretching and talking to herself. "That was actually pretty cool." She shows to a devious smile. "But they totally have to pay for it."

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Invulnerable Anna

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