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  • Anna's aim is to eliminate the witness

Custom clip request 

Hi Lesley,  

I am thinking of a custom where a high profile witness is being guarded by the police. The model is being arrested, wearing a short dress, pantyhose and heels. 2 cops walk her into the interview room and she sits crossing her legs.  One of the cops gets a phone call and leaves the room telling the 2nd one to watch her. She sees he is distracted by her crossed legs and is staring at them. Maybe some shots of her legs. She flirts and he lets his guard down. She makes him give her his g… and get on his knees. She questions the cop about the location of the witness and how many guards. He gives up the information there are multiple guards who are part of a SWAT team (so they can wear hoods and be reused). She smiles and says thank you and tells him to stay on his knees can call for his partner. What he does. The model takes a knife off the cop and waits by the door when the 2nd cop comes in she stabs him covering his mouth. He slides down the wall. She walks back to the cop on his knees and cuts his throat. 

The model then walks through the building taking cops out quickly with the g… or knife. As many as you think we can fit in. 

She makes her way into the holding room with the witness. She shoots the guard at the door.  She walks in and interrogates the witness by hurting him. (You can be creative) After a few minutes she sits in a chair crosses her legs and tell him she will finish him off. She smiles as she tells him this. She stands and puts the g… in his mouth and pulls the trigger.  As she leaves she sees the cop is moving and trying to crawl away. She put her heel in his back and tells him to roll over. Looking down at him she smiles and puts her finger to her mouth (to be quiet) and pulls the trigger. 

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Anna's aim is to eliminate the witness

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