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  • Spider Stella on a mission

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First scene takes place outside.  A table with three chairs. Somewhere a baseball bat and a chain.

Two thugs sit on two chairs.  They laugh and talk.

Thug 1: "Haha, that was a fun battle with the police!"

Thug 2: "Yeah, you were amazing, taking on and beating three of them at once!".

Thug 3: "You were no slouch either!  The two of us beat a whole squadron!  [ They flex their biceps] They are never coming back!".

SpiderStella walks up to them.

SpiderStella: "Yeah, they will not come back. So they sent me instead."

Thug 1: "Who are you?"

SpiderStella: "I am here to find your lair and bring you in to the police!"

Thug 2: "This is a cute costume, but you don't belong here."

SpiderStella: "If I beat you in armwrestling, will you come with me to the police then?"

Thug 2, laughs hard, "Sure!".

SpiderStella sits down to armwrestle Thug 2.  They are almost ready to go, then she says to Thug 1: "Here, take my other hand!  If one of you beats me, I will leave you alone.  Otherwise, you will have come with me!".

Thug 1 laughs, takes the other hand.  They start.  The guys are struggling.  She is struggling a bit too, but not quite as much.

She says to them: "go ahead, use both of your hands!" They do.  It seems like they are getting her arms down, they are really trying hard now and she also struggles more now.  Then she turns it on and beats them both.

SpiderStella: "Now you have to come with me!"

Thug 1: "Oh yeah?  You will regret having humiliated us!"

He gets up to fight.

SpiderStella: "You don't want to do this." They get up, they fight: two vs one.  It is a fairly short fight, she wins.

Two more thugs plus the boss arrive.  The boss: "what is going on here?"

SpiderStella: "The police sent me!  I will beat up all of you, you will tell me your lair, and I will bring you in to the police."

The boss: "Oh yeah?  Just one girl against the five of us?"

SpiderStella: "Exactly.  You don't stand a chance!".

Shot from behind her, facing all five thugs.  They encircle her.  A fight ensues, quite tough.  Often, several guys attack her at once. 

Punches to her abs, to her face, kicks etc etc: feel free to be creative.

Eventually, all five are on the ground.

SpiderStella: "I told you, you don't stand a chance!  You have to come with me now!"

The boss grabs the baseball bat, near him and gets up: "Never!"

SpiderStella: "Oh, a baseball bat!  [ With irony: ] Now, I am scared!"

Thug 1 grabs the chain, wraps it around his right hand: "You should be!"

SpiderStella: "Oh look, a chain! [With irony:] I am in real danger now!"

All the other thugs get up too.  One that was behind her, when getting up, wraps his arm around his neck in order to hold her and to wrestle her down, but she remains standing.  Two other thugs each grab one of her arms.  Make sure they grab it really well, really hold it, and she looks like she is resisting it ... not just a loose, weak grip.

The boss: "Haha, we got her now!"

Thug 1 and the boss takes turn, hitting her with the bat and the chain-wrapped hand, in the abs, in the face. She lets them do that for a while, then kicks the boss and thug 1 to the ground.

SpiderStella: "Well, that didn't work, did it?"

The two of them get up, a bit mad.  One of the thugs that was grabbing the arm says to the boss, "Boss, let me try!"  They switch positions.

SpiderStella: "Come on, beat me as hard as you can!  I won't even resist!  But you still cannot beat me!"

They proceed again with beating her.  They are a bit exhausted, take a break.  But she seems a bit exhausted now too, and looks more helpless in the tight grip.  Nonetheless, she is defiant.

SpiderStella: "Oh, was that all you can do?  I am just a little girl, you know, and you are five strong men!"

The two men start beating her again.

Thug 1: "Take that!!"

And, gradually, SpiderStella starts to loose consciousness, eventually going limp and getting dropped to the ground.  The thugs are around her.

Thug 3: "Boss, what do we do with her now?"

Boss: "Let's bring her into our lair.  I will decide then."

Second scene takes place inside: the lair of the thugs.  Somewhere is still the baseball bat and the chain. A rope to tie her up.  A simple wooden chair.  A cup or a bucket with water (I recommend warm water...).

She is still out, hanging from her arms over her head, which are tied to a pipe or so.  The four thugs and the boss talk.

Boss: "Ok, here is what we are going to do.  We will wake her up. Then we will beat her up so bad, that her cockiness and resistance is broken.  We tie her up and send her to the police, with the warning to 

never send anyone again!"

Thugs 4: "Yeah, let's do that!"

Thug 3: "How are we going to wake her up?"

Thug 2: "With this!"  He grabs the bucket with water and throws it into her face!

SpiderStella wakes up with a bit of a shock and gasp of air.

Thug 2 laughs at her!

Boss talks to her: "We will beat you up so bad, you will cry!  And then will send you back to the police, as a warning to never mess with us again!".

SpiderStella: "As I told you before, I will beat you up!  You don't stand a chance!"

Thugs and boss laugh hard.  Two thugs take turns punching her abs, but quickly, their hands hurt.

SpiderStella: "[Feinting sympathy] Oh, does your hand hurt?  Why don't you use that bat and that chain over there?  It worked so well for you last time!"

The thugs proceed once again with beating her with the bat and punching her, some with the chain on their hands, some without.  She clearly shows some reaction, but increasingly laughs it off.  The thugs and the boss are baffled.

Thug 1: "What is going on?"

SpiderStella: "I told you, I will beat up all of you, you will tell me your lair, and I will bring you in to the police. And finally, here we are, in your lair!  Thank you for taking me there!"

The boss approaches her, grabs her chin: "You will break, I promise you that!  Even if we must keep beating you the whole night!".

She wraps her legs around his neck: "Oh yeah?  How will you do that, when you cannot breathe?"

The boss calls for help, the other thugs try to help.  She kicks one or two to the ground, finally demands to be taken down.

They take her down.  Now, she is standing, confronting the five thugs. [Perhaps one camera shot from behind her, facing the thugs, and another one from behind the thugs, facing her ].  One thug still has the 

baseball bat, the other the chain around the hand.

SpiderStella: "Ok, what is it going to be?  Option 1 is, we fight, I beat the crap out of you, and I call the police!".

Boss: "What is the other option?"

SpiderStella: "Option 2 is, we fight, I beat the crap out of you, and I call the police!  Oops, that's only one option.  [ She smiles ]"

Boss: "Option 3: we fight and we beat the crap out of you!"

SpiderStella: "Really?  Well, give it your best try!"

The fight, all five against her.  Make it a tough fight, sometimes with several of them attacking her at once. Perhaps again with holds from 

behind, punches to her abs etc..  But she wins in the end.  All of them are on the ground.

SpiderStella: "Does someone have a phone?"  She sees one: "Ah, there!"  

She calls the police: "Hi, yeah, as promised, I have found the lair of the gang!  And you will also find the thugs and their boss there. [Pause ] No, don't worry, they will not resist your arrest.  I will make sure of that.  I will watch them until you arrive".  She hangs up.  She takes the simple wooden chair, swings it around and sits on it "backwards", i.e. with the chest against the back of the chair, her legs essentially straddling that back. She is resting her arms on the back of the chair, and rests her head on her arms. She talks to the thugs, occasionally lifting her head again.

SpiderStella: "I thought you were a lot tougher, but hey, this was a lot of fun! "

Boss: "When we get out of prison, we will find you and we will get you that time!"

SpiderStella: "I hope you get out soon and you will find me again!  I hope we can do this again, some day! Perhaps, bring a few more of your friends, to make this a bit of a challenge for me!"

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Spider Stella on a mission

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