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  • Weakling in the ring. Part II

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Camera in this perspective at the beginning with more distance from the ring. Scene shows Stella in the ring (front view) and guy (more the backside ) going slowly to the ring and away from the camera. Stella is very aggressive, throwing punches (with shouting), like shadow boxing, but in the direction of her opponent outside the ring while her eyes are focussing the guy (important). She likes to terrify him. Sometimes she interrupts the punching to make some impatient and aggressiv gestures with one or both boxing gloves that he should come into the ring (see images 1 and 2). He is scared but he walks on. She punches the gloves against each other and does some laughing. During all this the guy is walking to the ring but now more like going to the slaughterhouse. The camera might come closer during this but it's your decision. He knows it was a bad idea to try another boxing-match with Stella, but he does not want to run away. He climbs into the ring very slow and Stella is very impatient. She does not wait for him. She pulls him into the ring (how exactly should be your idea). Then she pushes him to the ropes and then stands in front of him ready to fight. She is very active but she let him time to take up his fists, too, but he obviously can’t fight.

First KD and a kick

She attacks him and eliminates his defense with her punches. Add some one-sided boxing action like in "Weakling In The Ring". Like in that clip change camera position, punching techniques and let his head or body flip by her punches.,e,g, in an upright position after an uppercut, aside after a jab. Or let his body "jump" after s stomach punch. Like that. Attitude was also great. Sometimes angry and aggressive, sometimes laughing. After a hard jab to the face or head he goes to the ground. He gets up on his four and is crawling in front of her and tries to standup in the middle of the ring while she is very active and close tho him and her eyes focussing him (important)(see image 4). When he is nearly up she kicks his arse (not a kick more like a push with the sole) so he falls to the ground again. She laughs about him an then she does some victory poses to the camera

 He escapes from boxing ring

He is recovered a little bit and takes the chance and rolls quickly out of the ring, but Stella gets quickly out of the ring, too and after a few meters his hope to escape ends in her headlock. With the headlock you take him back to and into the ring. He is desperate and she is laughing about it. This time she does not punch him when he is in the lock but strangulate him badly, to humiliate him, and laughs when he suffers (see image 6).Then she does some biceps flexing to the camera while the other arm has him in the lock. When she took him back into the ring she pushes him to the ropes and continues the punching.

Second KD and she shows him her muscles

Now he more likes to get away from her. At the beginning he is sometimes able to escape for a second but she is always close to him and often the ropes stop him and he takes more hard punches. After she hunted him in that way he got into the corner. Now there is no escape and she hammers him and finally sends him to the ground with an uppercut.She stands straddle legged over him and shows him the boxing (image 7). Then, still straddle legged, she shows him her muscles (image 8) to show him who is the boss in the ring. He is laying on the ground and looking up to her.

Third KD

Then she goes to the camera (look to the camera) and makes some victory poses, too. Attitude now: very aggressive, do some punches to the camera, too (something like that went well "Weakling in the ring"). But this time use a more large perspective to show that in the background he is standing up with help of the ropes at the same time (image 5). When he is up, he has to keep both hands at the ropes and looks out of the ring She turns around and goes back to him very straight and fast. He is still looking in the wrong direction because he is nearly out. She attacks him from side and after a few punches, he is on the ground again.

She is boxing him out of the ring

She wants more boxing. She now stands near to him and she is very active and her eyes are focussing him (important) (see image 4). He gets up on his knees. She catches him and wrestles him to the corner (image 9) an starts boxing him. She begins with some body punches where she has low and stable position (image 11) When he is in a stooped position she holds his head or hear (or what you keep for best) enjoys her superiority with some laughing and the she punches him out of the ring. Because this may be difficult for the actor it’s also OK if give the illusion of it by cutting the clip. E.g. you may show how she hits his head then a cut and another perspective from outside the ring and then just show how he hits the ground in front of the ring while she is inside it and has the position after the punch (I want to see him and her at the same time, here).

She celebrates her superiority

For this scene the ring is very good before I think it is 40cm over the ground. Please do not change this. Higher is also very good. From a perspective out of the ring show him laying on the ground in front of the ring and her victory posing inside the ring at the same time. The camera view is 90° to the ring so she is shown from the direct front view. She celebrates the victory with biceps flexing to the camera. Place one foot on the lowest rope. Stand straddle legged (wide). Some times aggressive with some punches to the camera. Change to laughing. During this he is waking up and getting up slowly but she continues to show her superiority. He does not look at her. Standing up is so difficult that he is not able to do anything else

She gets him back into the ring

When he is nearly upright, she wrestles him back into the ring and wrestles him to the corner again. She stands in front of ready to fight. Her legs are active. She is punching the boxing gloves against each other once but very hard to cause more fear. She threatens him. All this, because she enjoys his fear, even if he is not able to show it any more. She laughs and then starts boxing him. He is not trying to protect himself any more. She sometimes holds his head, hair or collars him (t-shirt) and laughs before she punches (how she holds him should be your decision) and let a series of punches follow. Then she holds him in that way and finishes him with an uppercut.

She destroys him

Now he is absolutely out, but she is that much full of adrenalin that she can not stop boxing. She sits down on him, mount up his hand and punches his face with the other boxing gloves like Lesley in „Powerful Lesley“. Do 5-10 punches like that. Attitude: "Angry. Aggressive. You want to destroy him".

Celebrating the victory

Still sitting on him you do biceps flexing. Look directly to the camera. Attitude is still angry and aggressive. Now she stands up does some victory posing one foot on his chest. The to to the audience in different directions (May be there are some other people in the gym) . Also do victory posing standing on the lowest ropes in the corner of the ring. Sometimes do posing to the camera (looking angry) and sometimes to another direction. Attide can change to victorious and laughing. He lays down like lifeless in the ring. Do not make it too short.

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Weakling in the ring. Part II

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