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  • Samantha destroys the clones

Custom clip request  

Main actress: Samantha 

Male actors: 1 (unmasked, but wearing the same outfit. I guess you could call this "Samantha vs the clones"?) 

Clothes: The same outfit as in "Samantha in leather destroys the gang", but with a leather skirt and the leather jacket from "Invulnerable Samantha"

Important points:

- The point of the custom is to show lots of different neck snaps.

- In other clips with the long leather gloves, I see that they often slip down to the wrist. Please either tie the gloves so that they stay up, or pull the gloves back up whenever they slip down. 

- Please make sure that when doing a finishing move, Samantha's face is always in view. Both of her gloves should also be in full view

- Also, when doing any finishing moves involving hands, Samantha should keep her hands on the man's throat/head for a few seconds after the neck snap.

With leather jacket on

1. Samantha is in a bathroom, and hears a noise so hides behind the door. A unmasked man enters. Once he is past Samantha, Samantha moves forward to grab the man and slam his head into the mirror to stun him. He slumps down with his head inside the sink. Then she puts her left arm under his head to grab his chin and her right on the top of his head and pull once (with a cracking sound), then puts her right hand over her left and pulls two more times (with two more cracking sounds) to snap his neck.

2. Samantha steps out into the corridor and she is grabbed from behind. She elbows him in the stomach, then reaches down to grab his balls and squeeze. As she squeezes, she smiles and looks back at her attacker. Next she reaches behind and donkey kicks him a few times in the balls. To finish, she steps forwards on one knee and pulls downwards to snap his neck.

3. She sneaks around the corner, waits for a guy to walk past her then puts him in a hold and pulls him back a few steps before snapping his neck slowly.

4. Sneaks up on a guy sitting in a chair and puts him in a full nelson, then pushes his head forward slowly to snap his neck

5. A one-handed throat lift up against a wall (with Samantha's other hand on her hip), before slowly squeezing to snap his neck (similar to this clip, but with Samantha's face and both gloves in view, and please make the neck snap a little slower.

Without leather jacket

6. A guy is lying face up on a sofa asleep. She straddles him on the sofa, trapping his arms, and covers his mouth with one hand and then pinches his nose closed with the other to suffocate him. After he stops struggling, she snaps his neck by twisting his head to the right twice, but with two movements. One to twist the head to the right with a crack, then a twist that turns the head slightly more with another crack)

7. Samantha beats a guy and knocks him down to the floor so he's lying on his back, then pins his arms down with her boots, puts her hands behind his head and then pulls his head up and towards her to snap his neck.

8. Beats a guy and knocks him face down to the ground, then stamps on his back to break it. To finish him she lifts him up to a kneeling position, then snaps his neck like in this clip. With each forward movement of the right arm (the arm behind the guy's head), there is a cracking sound. Repeat this movement four times, with a cracking sound each time and then a louder snap sound for the last movement.

9. Beats a guy with some punches and kicks, then throws him face down on the floor. She then sits on his back, pulls his arms over her knees, puts both hands under his chin and pulls up slightly in a camel clutch. She then moves one hand to the back of his head and the other on his chin, and then slowly begins to twist his head. With each small twist, there's a cracking sound. When his head is facing all the way to the left or right, there's a loud crack as his neck finally breaks.

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Samantha destroys the clones

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