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  • Stella brought The Dragons Brothers to dizziness

Custom clip request 

This would be a request for another custom video, this time with Stella going against the Dragon Brothers playing as Drago (the one wearing necklace in the first Stella video) and Igor (the one with the more blonde hair) and bring them to dizziness.


Stella - in an athletic outfit, her hair in ponytail

Drago and Igor - both are shirtless wearing athletic shorts. Have Drago keep his necklace so we can differentiate the twins.


As usual, the gym that you most use from your videos

The scene opens with Stella doing warm up exercises. Then the brothers arrive (both still wearing shirts at this time) The brothers will notice Stella and approach her, as they walk towards Stella, Drago would say "Hey Bro, by the end of the day, that girl will be mine" Igor would say "Nope, she's mine bro, she belongs in my bed" Stella then says "You know I can hear you both, I'm not a price to be won between you two, and certainly I'm not interested in both of you" Stella ignores the brothers and she continues to warm up. As Stella bends, Drago and Igor walk closer and the brothers tapped Stella's butt on each side. Stella was surprised and says "Now that's not nice" Drago would say "C'mon now, I know you wants us, don't play hard to get" Stella says "Alright, I will play as the price, but you two won't be fighting each other, instead, both of you will fight me to win me" The brothers laugh in a cocky manner. Igor would say "are you sure about that?" Drago would say "Just look at this" Then both guys take their shirts off and start to flex in front of Stella. Have the guys flex for 15 seconds. Stella, unimpressed, says "I've seen better, so, are we gonna start?" Drago goes first. He flexes biceps and abs and says "you're going down" as he approach Stella. Drago throws a punch, a kick but Stella dodges, he punch again and Stella evades and she give Drago a gut punch, an uppercut, a gut punch then another uppercut and Drago is dizzy, have him dizzy for 15 seconds with different camera angles (close-up, torso and up, whole body, like before) Igor was in shock, he is mad and attacks Stella but she manage to avoid his attacks and gives Igor a gut punch, an uppercut, a gut punch and another uppercut and Igor is dizzy side by side Drago. Now both guys dizzy side by side, have them close enough side by side that the guys shoulder touch. Have the brothers dizzy for 15 seconds. Stella then gives the brother the 5 double gut punch, followed by 5 double uppercuts repeated 5 times in different camera angles like before (you know this already) After that, Stella gives left and right hooks to the head hitting both guys at the same time as she swings her fist left and right hitting both guys head, do this for 10 seconds. Stella then does a double gut punch and a double uppercut and both guys get to the floor. Stella puts her goot on Drago's chest and looks at him and says "You're not good enough" then she puts her foot on Igor and says "you're no good either" Stella takes a rest and the camera focuses on the brothers on the floor for 15 seconds and it fades.

The scene opens again with the brothers recovering, Stella approaches them and says "ready for more?" Both guys now angry, they both flex their muscles angrily as they get ready to attack Stella. Drago would say "time to get serious" Have the guys attack Stella for 10 seconds with Stella dodging all their attacks. Then the guys both attack Stella in the front with a punch but Stella catches both guys fist with her hand, she twist the guys arms and the guys moan in pain. As she twist the guys arms, the brother are forced to kneel down in front of Stella due to pain. With the guys kneeling side by side in front of Stella, she releases her grip and bumps the guys head with each other bringing the brothers to dizziness, side by side (close enough that their shoulder touch) kneeling in front of Stella. She then gives the brothers the left and right foot slaps hitting both guys for 30 seconds. Have the camera angle from the back, the front, torso and up, and close for reactions. After that, both guys still dizzy, kneeling, Stella standing, gives left and right hooks to the guys head hitting both at the same time for 15 seconds, then Stella kneels in front of the guys and delivers a double uppercut forcing both guys to stand dizzy, again 15 seconds of dizziness. Then Stella will finish the guys starting with Drago. She gives Drago fast abdominal punches for 10 seconds, and uppercut, steadies his head for 10 seconds of speedbagging his head, then Stella spins her arms while hitting Drago like multiple uppercuts for 10 seconds then a powerful uppercut in the end KO's him on the floor. Then Stella does the same moves to Igor, 10 seconds fast abdominal punches, an uppercut, 10 seconds speedbagging his head then Stella spins her arms hitting Igor with multiple uppercuts for 10 seconds the. A powerful uppercut in the head KO's Igor on top of Drago. Have the guys KO'd in a pile just like in the picture attached. Stella then places her foot on Igor's chest, her hands on her waist and says "I'm a hard price to win, better luck next time" Stella then leaves. Have the camera show the guys on the floor for 15 seconds with different angle before it fades. END.

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Stella brought The Dragons Brothers to dizziness

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