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  • Lora against 4 sportsmen & their Master

Custom clip request 

I like the "Mortal combat. Lora vs 4 fighters" video, and I was thinking that it would be nice to do a follow-up: once again Lora vs four fighters plus their master.  This time she takes on several at the same time, and wins in the end.  Details are below: feel free to be creative regarding the fight moves.

So ... the four fighters are training again under the supervision of the master, as Lora comes in.  This time, she is already dressed in that black leotard with a belt that she wore at the end of the "Mortal combat. Lora vs 4 fighters" video.  I am thinking that it would be nice to give her a red belt rather than a black belt (perhaps with a comment, that she earned it last time or so), but the black belt would work too.

So, she comes in.  One of the guys sees her and challenges her for a match: "you caught us, when were weak last time.  You were lucky. This time, I will beat you easily!".  Lora says: "Oh yeah?  I have proven myself more than capable of handling any one of you.  How about if you team up with your friend over there, and I fight both of you at the same time?"

There is laughter, of course, but then the fight is on.  They first bow to the master. Two vs one, back and forth, pretty tough, but Lora wins.  She does not finish them off, though, but they are on the ground, wincing.  She bows to the master.

The third fighter says: "Impossible!  You were just lucky again!". Lora says: "Oh yeah?  I can take the two of you, with my hands tied behind my back!".  She lets them tie her hands behind her back. They fight.  She wins again.

She stands over the four guys. The master is upset: "This is embarassing!  You are my best fighters, and she is victorious even against two of you together!".  Lora says: "Master, I am simply much stronger and tougher than your best fighters!  If you let me, I can take all four of them on.  You will see, they will not be able to beat me!". The master laughs.  The fighters get up.  The fight, Lora vs four at the same time is on.  It is tough, back and forth, but gradually, Lora gets the upper hand.  The fighters are on the ground.

Lora starts to show-boat, giving them handicaps.  She holds her hands behind her back, and says, "look, I can keep my hands behind my back and still win against the four of you!". They attack her all at once, it is tougher, but she once again manages to send them to the ground.

Lora says, "Haha, you guys are so pathetic!  Look, I can even beat you with my eyes closed!"  She covers her eyes with her hands.  But then, one of the fighters gets up very quickly, and manages to land a punch.  The others manage to get kicks and punches in too, she falls to the ground.  Now, the guys are triumphant around her, and take turns in kicking and punching her.  They turn to the master, who commands them: "Finish her!".  All four jump on her, two hold her arm down, the other sits on her in full mount, the forth holds her legs, they start beating her.  It looks like she is loosing.  But instead, she says: "Is that the best you can do?" and fights back, on the ground, against all four together. Eventually, she gets them all defeated.

She stands up.  The four guys are on the ground, exhausted.  The master is even more upset and stands up: "Did I teach you nothing? You are elite fighters!  You cannot loose to a girl!".  Lora says: "Master, perhaps they need your help?  Why don't you join them, all five against me?".  The master looks perplexed, but then the fight, five vs Lora is on.

The five male fighters are on one side, she on the other, camera from her back facing the fighters.  The fighters encircle her, now much more guarded, but grinning and menacing.  A tough fight ensues.  Back and forth.  But Lora wins, walks out.  The end.

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Lora against 4 sportsmen & their Master

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