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  • Lora has amazing fighting instincts. POV

Custom clip request 

i'd like to request a custom pov foot video. 

you challenge me to a fight, and i'm reluctant to accept because i'm clearly stronger and faster than you. what i don't know is that you have amazing fighting instincts. 

i accept to fight you and you immediately have me pinned under your feet. you talk about how you're not trained to fight, but you just know how to and it's easy for you. you have your feet wrapped around my neck and smothering my face. you then lay on your stomach with your feet directly in my face and you continue to slap me with your soles, choke me, and smother me. you love that i'm much faster and stronger than you, but you're still beating me with ease. 

you flip back onto your back, and continue kicking me. you're loving the beating you're giving me. i've tried giving up, but you won't stop until you knock me out. the video ends with you kicking me back and forth

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Lora has amazing fighting instincts. POV

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