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  • Karina’s Ultimate Challenge

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Karina fights against a mob boss and his two strong goons. Karina is wearing white pants, white blouse and black high heels or black high heel boots. She carries her signature nun chucks. Her hair is loose. The thugs including the boss are wearing ski masks. They are all capable challengers and will push Karina like she has never been pushed before.

Karina walks into the Mob’s Boss hideout. For some time she has been pursuing this bad guy but he has been very elusive. She has destroyed his operations and it is now time to bring him in. She is wearing white jeans, a white button up blouse and black high heels or high heel boots. She also has her signature nun chucks. Her hair is loose and she is ready to fight. Only her hands and martial arts skills.

Karina walks in and is surprised to see the masked boss waiting for her. He seems angry but calm and expecting her. “You have been very troublesome Karina”, the Boss says. “You have closed down all my businesses and hurt my reputation on the street. But everything ends today”

Karina puts herself in a fighting stance. “It certainly does”.

The bad guys laughs and snaps his fingers. Two bad guys pop up beside him. They are strong and capable fighters. “You think I didn’t come prepared silly girl. Prepare to meet your doom” The mob boss leaves while the two bad guys stay ready to fight Karina.

Thug one attacks but his moves are very predictable. He’s slow and that makes Karina overconfident. She blocks and dodges. She hits him with a right punch and left punch combination finishing him off with a roundhouse kick. Thug one is floored. Karina focuses her attention on Thugh two. Slow as the first, Karina just kicks him in the chest. She follows with a high kick in the face finishing him off with a spin kick. Both bad guys are floored.

“Is this the best you have?”, Karina asks with a confident smile. “I am kind of dissapointed”

Both thugs stand back up and clean themselves. One of them stretches while the other removes his jacket. It's time for them to get serious. Karina just smiles. “Ooohhh. Scary men are going to hurt the young girl?”, she mocks them.

Both thugs attack at the same time. This time faster and stronger attacks. Karina’s confident smile is wiped off as she sees the thugs were just playing around and now are fighting at their highest potential. They both attack at the same time and she is having a hard time blocking their attacks. As she blocks high for both of them, Thug one punches her in the stomach winding her. Thug two knees her in the face bringing her back up dazed. Thug one kicks her in the chest and Thug two finishes her a roundhouse kick to the face that floors her.

Karina is dazed and a little overwhelmed. She cleans the spit from her lips and tries to win her confidence back. “It seems I have to get serious now”, she says as she stands up.

“You are going to regret coming here little girl”, Thug one says. He attacks fast and hard. Karina blocks his attempts and counters with heavy punches on his chest, and face. She is pushing him back finishing him off with a kick to the chest and a roundhouse kick to the face. He falls down.

Karina turns only to receive a right punch on the face from Thug Two. She screams in pain as he starts punishing her. It’s her turn to be pushed back as he connects with lefts and rights to her face. She screams in pain as each punch makes her take a step back. She tries to block the onslaught but when she blocks high, Thug Two punches her in the stomach several times (Slow Motion). Karina screams and is doubled over at the attack on her abdomen. Thug Two grabs her by the scruff of the neck and pulls her upright. “Say goodnight bitch”

“Good night bitch”, she says and he knees him between the legs. Thugs Two screams as Karina starts wailing on him. She kicks in chest followed by a roundhouse kick pushing him back. She goes with a right hand Punch followed by a left. Than a right followed by a left finishing with an uppercut.

She turns around and sees Thugh One recovered. She fires a kick but the bad guy catches her leg. Karina is visibly surprised. “Never try your moved a second time”, he says. HE than punches her in the face three times. Karina screams in pain as the bad guys is doing serious damage. He finally punches her leg twice. Karina screams and tries to limp away. The bad roundhouse kicks her in the face bringing our heroine down.

Karina is down and sees Thug Two recover. “That’s it”, she says. “Enough games”. She stands up and pulls out her nunchucks.  She starts doing her twirling. The thugs are scared to approach her. One of them tries to attack only to be hit by her with her nunchucks. She proceeds to attack the second thug with them. She’s good in and starts beating the living crap out of them using her nunchucks. She connects on both of them on their face, legs and arms. The fight turns towards her side. The two thugs get up and looked scared at her as she smiles at them and starts twirling her nunchuks. “You are going to pay”, she says while moving her nunchuks around.

Karina is so busy showing off she doesn’t notice the mob boss sneak behind her. He punches her three times on the lower back connecting with her kidneys. Karina screams in pain and drops her nunchuks. “You didn’t think I would miss this”, the mob boss says. “To destroy my sworn enemy” He turns her around and connects with a right hand punch than a left hand punch finishing her with an uppercut (Slow Motion). Karina falls down and sees the boss step back.

Karina than looks at Thug One and he has her nunchucks. “So you like hitting people with these?” Thug One asks.

Karina stands up. For the first time there is fear in her face.  She looks at  the mob boss who is behind her while thug one starts twirling her nunchucks. Karina tries to attack thug 1, but he is ready and smacks her with the nunchucks. Karina screams in pain as she staggers back. “They are not so much fun when you are on the wrong end of one of these”, Thug one says as he proceeds to punish Karina hitting her again across the face several times with the nunchuks. Karina spits blood because of the blows. She is dizzy and is stumbling on her heels clearly dazed. Thug One smiles “How does it feel to get hit with your own nunchuks?”, He says mocking her. He hits her in the stomach and chest with her own nunchuks several more times with Karina just receiving the blows without mounting an offense. Karina just staggers and screams as she is being dismantled by her own nunchuks. Karina tries to kick thug one only for the bad guy hit her leg with the nunchuck. Karina screams in pain right before getting hit one more time on the side of the head. Our heroine falls down on her knees. The bad guy than wraps the nunchucks around her throat and stands our heroine up. Karina is choking and is trying to remove the nunchuks from her throat when the mob boss stands in front of her.

“This is where it all ends Karina”, the boss says. He than punches her in the stomach several times. Karina is defenseless and takes the hits grunting in pain. When the boss is finished he starts punching her face several times. Karina is almost out. She has stopped struggling and is taking the hits. “Good bye silly girl”, the boss says.

Karina screams and kicks the boss between the legs. The boss screams in pain as Karina steps with her heel on the guy holding her from behind. Thug One screams and releases her. Karina does a roundhouse kick on thug one bringing him down causing for him to drop the nun chucks. Karina staggers weakly and a little dizzy towards Thug One as he tries to stand up. She snaps his neck finishing him.

Karina looks up and sees Thug Two is steamrolling towards her. She stops him short with a kick to the chest. She is done playing as she hammers him down with lefts and rights. She finishes him with a kick between the legs. As he crumbles down, she snaps his neck. 

Karina finally turns her attention towards the mob boss. He is standing right in front of her and does an ear clap over her ears. Karina screams as she is stunned. The boss punches her with all his might on the face. Left and Right Punch. Left and right punch. Left and right punch. Karina staggers back as he continues to punish her. “You will not win!”, the boss says. After the 10th punch, he kicks her across the face with a roundhouse kick. Karina staggers not knowing where she is completely dizzy. The room is spinning.  he punches with an uppercut (Slow motion). Which brings our heroine down flat on her back. One leg is extended while her knee is bent pointing to the sky.

Karina wimpers in pain as the the mob boss walks around her body. He is satisfied that his nemesis is defeated. “You think you can come here with your karate moves and take me out?”, he asks. “How does it feel to be flat on your back defeated while I am still standing”

Karina is dazed after all the she has gone through. It has been a tough fight, but she won’t give in. She will not be defeated. She slowly recovers and stands up. The boss is amazed. “How is it possible?”, he asks amazed. He is scared as Karina recovers and slowly puts herself in a fighting stance.

She attacks and proceeds to destroy the mob boss. KArina pulls energy from out of nowhere and starts punching and kicking hard and fast. The mob boss tries to fight back but Karin unleashes her power on the bad guy. After releasing all her rage the boss falls on his knees. “I give in”, he says extending his hands. “Don’t hurt me anymore. Please arrest me”

“I am not going to arrest you”, Karina says as she wraps her leg around the mob boss’s throat. “I am here to destroy you”, she says snapping the boss’s neck.

Karina breaths hard as she staggers out of the warehouse clearly dazed but confident that she has taken the bad guys out. She picks up her nunchucks on her way out. She kisses them and walks away knowing she has won the day

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Karina’s Ultimate Challenge

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