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  • Invulnerable Samantha. Part II

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The criminals assume Samantha is using a super serum herself and will be helpless if she doesn't expect a fight, so two of them try to surprise her just outside her house to take revenge.

At first, one of them tries to shoot her. She doesn’t react to a shot to the leg, so the thug empties the rest of his magazine at her face (he does know its size and doesn’t just keep shooting when it’s empty however).

As they realize she is every bit as invulnerable as the last time (and not scared at all), they quickly consume their own super serum. They might do a short flex, cracking her knuckles or otherwise indicate they feel stronger.

One thug grabs a stone and grinds it to dust in his fist, threatening Samantha that he will do the same to her skull.

Samantha just puts her arms behind her back and waits for their attack. The thug steps forward and places a hand at each side of her skull in a futile attempt to crush it. After he realizes this doesn’t work he tries some punches to her stomach as well as her head. The other one joins by attempting a sneak attack from behind, ramming his elbow into her spine. As both thugs used the serum their attacks will be as strong as those at the end of part 1. They mainly use slow but very powerful moves and eventually start searching for weak spots (attacking neck, shin, crotch and similar spots) with their attacks.

At some point Samantha closes her eyes again, enjoying them whacking against her.

Between his attacks one of the guys tries to tackle her, but simply recoils to the ground. This should only be shown as a POV scene from his perspective.

Eventually they realize their regular attacks aren’t working and they try to choke her together, visibly trembling from the effort while she seems perfectly fine. Eventually they realize this doesn’t work either and stop the attempt. Samantha points them to the exit and they leave in defeat.

Some days later a single thug tries to poison Samantha’s drink. He approaches her table while she is away and produces a container of poison from his bag. He could either mention it’s poison or the container has some label. In either case he tries to get a small dose of the poison into Samantha’s drink. It would be cool is he uses a pipette, but in any case, it should be obvious that a small dose in considered lethal. He gets surprised as Samantha returns early and backs off from the table. Samantha grabs the container he left behind and drinks its entire content, smugly demonstrating she isn’t vulnerable to poison either.

The criminals are getting desperate by now, so in the next scene they try weapons of mass destruction. This could be a large box Samantha finds in front of her house. As she inspects it we hear 3 fast beeps and a massive explosion as the screen shakes and turns white, but if you can make a short cut to an actual explosion this would be even better. You pleasantly surprised me in the past.

Neither the form of delivery nor the exact kind of attack are important (it could really be any kind of explosion, including some futuristic Death Star like attack), as long as we can assume Samantha is right at its center and it feels massive.

Cut to the criminal’s hideout, where the boss and one of his thugs are talking. The thug is at the window, probably using binoculars to have a better view. He informs his boss that the attack took place as planned and there is only rubble left of Samantha’s house. He claims there is no way she could have survived that.

Both seem to be happy and relieved and the boss is about to get some champagne, as the thug’s expression suddenly becomes terrified. He looks through the binocular again and claims “She is still moving. And she is coming here.”

Still outside the base we see Samantha strolling forward, while the criminals use everything they have to stop her. She is probably a little bit annoyed her house just exploded, but their attempts to stop her still amuse her. We see or hear them firing at her, running a truck into her (you can burrow bits from the invulnerable challenger clip) and use explosives like grenades or rockets. None of the attacks manage to slow her down in the slightest. This scene should use particularly fast cuts, indicating we see just some short scenes from the constant attempts to stop her.

Meanwhile we see the boss in his room, as he hears some explosions and get the information that he consumes several doses of the serum (by seeing it firsthand, seeing him drinking the last from a full line of vials or something like this), while one vial containing a slightly different colored liquid remains untouched by him. Just as he finishes Samantha enters.

They approach each other and the boss suddenly darts forward with inhuman speed delivering a strong punch to her head. Samantha is still annoyed about his last attack and doesn’t move her head a single inch as his fist crashes into it with ground shaking force.

Instead she steps forward after the attack. The boss needs to back off a bit so he is at a good attacking distance again and pounds Samantha with a flurry of blows (you could utilize quick motion to make them appear more furious). She is completely unfazed and whenever one of his flurries is over she steps forward, eventually forcing him to move into a wall. Without a good attack angle left he tries to push Samantha away, but she doesn’t budge and instead does another step forward, threatening to crush him between herself and the reinforced wall and preventing him from escaping to the sides. While he has trouble breathing she takes his keys out of his pocket, inspecting them for a moment and putting them in one of her own pockets with a smirk.

Thereafter she steps back, allowing the boss to catch his breath and points him to leave. He gets angry, claiming she can’t throw him out of his own house. While he is still speaking he moves back to his vials, fetches the last one and drinks it.

He closes his eyes for a moment and seems to have gone entirely mad (in a Gollum kind of way) as he opens them again, his face grimaced with hatred.

He approaches Samantha again and delivers one last massive punch against her face.

Before it connects we cut to somewhere else (doesn’t matter where, it could be the area Samantha strolled through before) and witness a massive earthquake caused by the punch (screen shakes, we hear a rumble and breaking glass). After that we cut back to Samantha and the boss and see once more in slow motion how he approaches her and punches.

When the punch connects Samantha is delighted that she finally found an opponent whose punches can move her head against her will (it still doesn’t hurt) and enjoys the sensation, so she probably smiles when she readjusts. We also hear a crack as the boss sprains his hand against Samantha’s skull.

He yelps and sinks to the ground, holding his hurting hand and barely conscious.

 Samantha bends down and lifts him by the neck with one hand. In the next scene, we see him being thrown down somewhere outside. As he looks around he sees Samantha turning her back to him and walking away, holding his keys.

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Invulnerable Samantha. Part II

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