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  • Mortal combat. Lora vs 4 fighters

Custom clip request 

I'd like to make a custom request, using some elements from your previous clips. It would be at least 30 minutes long.

The location is the same as "Lora against 4 Champions", a gym with rubber floor mats.

Lora is the actress. She is dressed in a similar way to her in "Hands off the dangerous Lora", with a short, white judo jacket with a blackbelt, & underneath a black leotard. Her hair is similar being tied up in a bun, with lipstick and make-up. No ear-rings or nail polish. No pantyhose.  Bare feet.

There are 4 young, big, strong men dressed in karate bottoms, and bare-chested. No masks. There is also one older Master fully clothed in karate outfit, no mask.

The 4 young men are seated side by side at one end, and Lora is seated by herself at the other end, and in between them along the side of the wall is sitting the Master. The Master strikes a chime indicating the commencement of a duel to the end, and Lora gets up and the first of the young men get up. They both approach the seated master and bow to him and then they bow to each other and move apart.

Before starting to fight Lora does a series of stretching exercises to distract her opponent. She slowly lunges from side to side, stretches one of her legs up into the air, places one of her legs high on the wall etc, while the men watch intently. The man and Lora then start circling each other, with Lora adopting strong karate postures. 

Lora fights using similar moves to the scene from "Lora against 4 champions" from 5min30seconds to 7min30s. This includes ducking and blocking his moves, and doing repeated high kicks to his face, karate chops to the neck, kicks to his face when he is on one knee, palm punches to the face, karate chops to the stomach and back of neck. All the time Lora is looking serious and making loud karate sounds like "Hiyaah" (-like in her other clips")and grunts of effort when she strikes. Then include moves from the scene in the same clip from 18min35s to 18min45s, when he is on his knees bent forward, Lara slowly walks up and puts his head between her thighs and grips his head. She then rolls over and has his head in a scissor hold. He tries to use his arms to break the grip, but she continues to tighten. He then starts to go weak and lose consciousness. Then Lora makes a big karate grunt as she twists and breaks his neck, and there's the sound of bone crunching.

Lora slowly releases the man from her thighs with a smile on her face, and the Master strikes the chime. Lora moves away and the second man gets up. He firstly has to drag the first man's body to the side to get it out of the way, and then shapes to fight Lora. Lora is again slow, exact, and brutal with her kicks and chops. After several minutes of punishment, he is crawling back close to the other 2 seated men when Lora gets him in a hold like the scene from the same clip from 19min20s to 19min40s. This is where Lora while standing wraps her thigh around his neck & holds her ankle in the air tightening the grip. He tries to break the grip but can't, and she gradually strains to tighten. Lora is looking at the 2 seated men who are shocked. He starts to go motionless, and then she give a big grunt and snaps his neck, with a bone sound. She then holds him in the grip for a few more seconds whilst smiling looking at the 2 seated men, and then opens her thighs to let his lifeless body drop to the floor.

The Master strikes his chime and the third man gets up, and firstly has to drag the body out of the way. She punishes him and softens him up for a few minutes. As he is lying battered on the ground, Lora stand over him and slowly takes off her white judo jacket and then puts the blackbelt on her leotard. She then rolls him over onto his stomach, and proceeds to break each of his arms and legs by lifting them up between her thighs and holding the extremity and twisting hard. She then rolls him over onto his back and finishes him off with a hold from a neck scissor from the clip "Don Revenge" from 11min25s to 12min10s. Also she makes a large grunt before the sound of the bone snap.

The Master chimes and the last man gets up and moves the body, and starts to fight. After lots of brutal karate hits, he is trying to crawl away towards the Master. She then sits on his back in the same way as the scene from "Don Revenge" from 6min45s to 7min45s. She straddles him, and pulls his arms up and wrists forward. After some struggling and grunting, Lora snaps his wrists. Then she moves his arms over her thighs and lifts up his neck, as in "Don Revenge" from 15min35s to 16min15s. After some struggling and groans from the man, Lora looks at the Master who nods his head. Lora then twists and snaps his neck with a loud Karate grunt, with the sound of the bone crunching. Lora then drops his head to the floor, gets up, and bows before the Master. THE END

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Mortal combat. Lora vs 4 fighters

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