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  • Spider Lora vs Black Cat

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Black Cat is lying on her couch, sleeping. Spider Lora sneaks into Black Cat’s lair.

SPIDER LORA Now I shall avenge the dissaperence of my friends.

Spider Lora produces a length of her spider webbing and wraps it around Black Cat’s neck who wakes up shocked. Spider Lora pulls the web rope tight.

BLACK CAT (struggling) What is this?

SPIDER LORA This is your end unless you tell me where my friends are!

After a bit, Black Cat speaks and points distracting Spider Lora.

BLACK CAT They’re right over there.

Still holding the length of web around Black Cat’s throat, Spider Lora looks to where Black Cat pointed. Black Cat takes the opportunity to kick Spider Lora in the face releasing Black Cat from Spider Lora’s grip. Black Cat stands and faces Spider Lora. Spider Lora is still dazed allowing Black Cat to get a few blows in. Spider Lora falls back and recovers. Spider Lora has a confident smirk on her face and gestures with her index finger to come at her. Black Cat comes at her and they have a fierce fight. Spider Lora pushes Black Cat to the

ground, sits on top of Black Cat and starts hitting Black Cat in the face.

SPIDER LORA You will no longer be Black Cat.

Spider Lora takes Black Cat’s mask off and throws it aside infuriating Black Cat.

BLACK CAT How dare you!

Black Cat produces a rag and puts it over Spider Lora’s mouth.



Spider Lora’s arms are tied above her head, she awakens slowly. Black Cat approaches her. Black Cat is still without her mask.

BLACK CAT If I can’t be Black Cat you can no longer be Spider Lora.

Black Cat holds a struggling Spider Lora’s face and removes her mask and throws it aside.

BLACK CAT (CONT’D) Jessica Drew? Magazine editor. I HATE your magazine!

SPIDER LORA How dare you!?

BLACK CAT Like this.

Black Cat starts beating up Spider Lora about the body and face. Spider Lora is panting.

SPIDER LORA What happened to my friends?

BLACK CAT They’re all destroyed, you’ll soon join them.

Black Cat retrieves her baseball bat and starts hitting Spider Lora mercilessly. 

SPIDER LORA You don’t want to piss off a spider.

Spider Lora breaks free from her bonds and jumps at Black Cat. They fight until Black Cat is on the floor.

Black Cat is groggy but notices that her bat is near by. Spider Lora turns her back and smiles.

SPIDER LORA (CONT’D) And that’s the end of you.

Black Cat comes up from behind Spider Lora and hits her on the back of her head with the bat. Spider Lora is on the ground. Black Cat beats Spider Lora while she is down, kicking her and hitting her some more the bat. Spider Lora rolls over, and tries to crawl away unsuccessfully. Finally Spider Lora is out face first on the floor. Black Cat grabs Spider Lora’s length of spider web rope and wraps it around Spider Lora’s neck and starts to strangle her.

BLACK CAT This is what you planned for me!

Black Cat squeezes Spider Lora's until Spider Lora is out. Black Cat strips Spider Lora down to her bra and panties.

BLACK CAT (CONT’D) I always take a souvenir from my victims.

Black Cat turns to retrieve her mask and puts it back on.

BLACK CAT (CONT’D) I’ll always be Black Cat.

Spider Lora starts to awaken and Black Mask, alerted, turns to Spider Lora. Black Mask produces her ....

Spider Lora puts her hands up and cautiously backs up.

BLACK CAT (CONT’D) I will now end your life and send you to see your friends.



Black Cat shoots Spider Lora. Black Cat walks of. 

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Spider Lora vs Black Cat

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