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  • The new mission of ninja Karina

Custom clip request 

Here is the script.  I found techniques on youtube to show exactly what needs to be done and the time spot in the video. The first few are to be really fast takedowns. You can use small sections of Karina walking very quietly to fill as needed.

One girl: Karina

One man: mask on to play multiple scenes

Karina plays a ninja assassin that is sent to eliminate a crime boss and any guards he has.

Scene 1: 

Karina is training with some stuff when she gets a call. She answers and is told to get ready and a picture of the boss will be sent later.

Scene 2:

Karina is dressed in ninja uniform and receives the text with picture of the boss. She only takes a knife with her as she leaves.

Scene 3:

Karina goes to the building where the boss is. He has one guard outside to watch. Karina touches the man to get his attention. He turns around and Karina drops down on her left knee and punches his groin with her right hand.  

Karina then puts her left hand down to her side for balance and kicks up to his groin with her right leg. 

The man drops down to his left knee in pain and grabs the girl's jacket with his right hand. The girl is still kneeling on her left knee, grabs his right wrist with her left hand. She punches into his right arm muscle with her right hand. She then grabs his head with her right hand pulling down and brings her right knee up to strike his face. She then kicks to his groin with the top of her right foot. The girl then grabs his head with both hands and twists his neck to finish him, throwing him to the ground. 

She stands up and then moves on very quickly.

Scene 4: (camera should be in front of guard facing him)

Karina moves down a hall way behind a guard. She swings her right arm up through his legs from behind, striking his groin with her arm (close up from in front of guard). She grabs his ankles and pulls, making him fall on his belly. She does a forward roll on the man to keep him on the ground (legs to shoulders) and then grabs the man's head to twist it to finish him.

Scene 5:

Karina comes to a corner in a hallway. There is a guard walking to her from the other hall. She puts her back against the wall hiding around the corner. When the guard gets to the corner, Karina chops his throat with her hand. She then strikes his groin with a hammerfist using the same hand. She then turns toward him and does a round house kick to his head. She then moves in front of him and does two fast serpent strikes to his throat with each hand. She punches between his chest and his right ribs with her left hand and does the same with her right hand. She punches his solar plexus with her left hand. She then grabs his throat (adams apple) with her left hand, finishing him.

Scene 6:

A guard checks on his radio to see if he can contact a different guard, but no answer. He go and check. He opens a door that Karina is close to. She moves her back to the wall. The guard walks out. Karina grabs his hand and pulls it up. She uses her other arm to strike with her elbow to his body, then down to his groin with an open hand slap (close up of the slap). She then pulls his arm forward over her shoulder and then down to break his arm. Karina changes her body position and uses a hip throw to put him on the ground. She rolls him onto his back and holds his head down with her left hand. She then punches into his throat as hard as she can to finish him (close up of Karina's face, showing anger in her eyes).

Scene 7: 

Karina finds the boss's office and goes in slowly. There is a guard in the room, but does not notice Karina. Karina enters and the guard turns around and sees her. Karina does a quick front kick to his testicles with the ball of her right foot ( tough part of the foot behind the toes) that stuns him and follows it with a left heel thrust to his chest that pushes him into desk where a samurai sword lays as decoration. The guard pulls the sword out and faces Karina. She smiles under her and the guard attacks her, holding the sword with two hands and cutting across at her head. Karina ducks under the cut and pulls out her knife with her right hand (blade pointing down, like an ice pick) and cuts across the front of his legs from her right to her left (knife will stop near her left hip). She then stabs with the the knife to his right ribs. The man starts to lower the sword in front of him. Karina blocks his arms down a little with  her left arm and puts her left hand on the bottom of the sword handle to hold. She then puts her right foot on the back of the blade and pushes down with her foot and pulls up with her left hand. This causes the sword to come loose from his grip, putting the blade into his groin. Karina has her right foot down between his feet and she turns her body more into his and puts her right arm against the back of the sword blade. She then pulls up with her left hand and pushes up with her right arm on the sword to cut the man, causing him to fall to the ground. She drops sword on him and leaves putting her knife away. 

Scene 8:

Karina finds the boss in another room. She enters and the boss turns around. She slips off her shoes and puts her hands behind back. She wants to have fun with him. The boss throws punches at her and she ducks under a few and dodges to the side of a few. She kicks to his knees to weaken his legs and then sweeps his legs out to make him fall on his back. She brings her right knee up high and points her toes and stabs into his groin with her toes. The boss screams in pain and moves away from Karina. He stands up and Karina does a spinning back kick with her right foot to his belly. She then follows it with a right backfist to the head, a left serpent strike to the throat, another spinning right backfist to the head, a left knee to the groin (extra camera view looking down from the boss's eyes), and a spinning back kick to his chest with her right foot. The boss falls to his knees in pain. Karina steps behind the boss. She grabs his forehead and pulls his head back, striking with her right knee to the back of his head. Still holding his head back with her left hand, she strkes down with her right elbow to his head. The boss is nearly out and Karina pulls him up to his feet. She steps in front of him and does five fast serpent strikes to his belly and groin in random order (like striking pressure points). The boss starts to fall on his knees and Karina puts her right leg between his so he smashes his groin on the way down. She pushes the boss back onto his back and jumps up in the air and lands with a right heel to his throat (camera should be looking up like it is through the boss's eyes). She moves and puts her shoes on and moves to the door. She turns looks to the camera, pulling one finger across her throat then points to the camera before leaving. 

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The new mission of ninja Karina

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