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  • Stone Lora accepts the challenge

Custom clip request 

Hi Lesley, 

I'd like to request another custom. 

Some tough guy offers anyone who can beat him a decent chunk of money, but if they fail they have to pay him instead. Unfortunately for him an invulnerable girl takes the offer.

There should be no doubt the man is a strong fighter, so feel free to go over the top with the effects. Most of his attacks should feel pretty powerful (despite not working against her). Over the course of the fight he gets more and more desperate and tries everything 

to bring the girl down, including dirty tactics. He should appear to be pretty ruthless and probably deserves the situation he is in. If you use POV scenes they should be from his perspective. As with all my clips its fine to occasionally just hint at the action that takes place, like showing her amused face for a short time (as he mocks him) while we hear his attacks for example. If the guy is good at transporting emotions he could be swearing and cursing while he tries to beat the girl, but being mostly quiet is fine too. Find a demeanor that fits the actor. 

The girl is pretty smug about her durability and sometimes mockingly encourages her attacker to try harder or gives feedback how his last attempt didn't hurt at all and never bothers to defend herself. She has an aura of superiority and seems a little bit disappointed just how weak the guy is compared to her at times. While she might occasionally make fun of him and certainly doesn't take his efforts serious at all, she isn't acting too silly (more like amused or sarcastic, maybe even bored at times). 

I'm fine with any girl playing the part (you are all great), but while there doesn't need to be a particular focus on them it would be cool to have some low blows at least hinted at (especially when shes down).

In the beginning the girl enters the guys gym in a sexy sport outfit and declares she wants to take part in the challenge. The guy doesn't take her serious at first, but after making sure she has the money with her he agrees. He initially tries to shove her, but as he can't really move her he switches to all kind of attacks, getting more and more desperate over the course of the fight as his punches and kicks fail to hurt her. 

As the girl just stands there and presents herself wide open he can freely attack her from behind and does so a couple of times. There 

should also be some variance in his attacks (like a karate chop to her neck from behind, a kick against her shin, an elbow to the face etc) and they should all feel pretty powerful despite completely failing to hurt her. At some point he might try a tackle and just recoils (this could be a POV scene).

Eventually he puts her into a bearhug from behind. As that doesn't affect her either he slams her to the ground, furiously kicking her 

while she is down. By this time he tries any dirty tactic he can think of, harshly pulling her hair and stuff like that and is desperate to 

finally get any reaction of pain from her. When he is out of breath the girl just stands up and casually asks if she gets the money now, 

suggesting she might start to fight back if she doesn't. The guy seems to give up and directs her to where his money is, only to use her 

distraction to grab a bat and hit her hard on the back of her head. She just looks at him with an amused expression and declares that they seem to have started a second fight, while she mockingly presents herself wide open.

He smacks her with renewed furor for a while, but eventually he is too exhausted to continue. She casually throatlifts him with a single hand, asking if he gives up. He tabs her arm to signal defeat and she lets him go. While he catches his breath for a moment, she takes the money for her two wins and leaves. But he seems to have some determination left as he also leaves shortly thereafter.

In the last part we see the girl on the street and hear the sound of a vehicle (like a truck or large car) speeding up. She looks in the 

direction of the sound, smirks and presents herself wide open again with her arms behind her back. The camera zooms to her face and we see how her smirk never fades as we hear the vehicle approaching and crashing against her body (the screen shakes and we see some smoke). She shakes her head in amusement: "What a loser."

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Stone Lora accepts the challenge

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