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  • Be careful, this girl has super powers

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Lesley is another superwoman. She is  crueler then Lora.

Scene one:

Lesley is wearing long socks on the sofa She hears a sound outside the door, There are two villains. One of them says to another: "Be careful, this girl has super powers", The bandits push the door in, Lesley is lying on the sofa and reading. The bandit says: "Our boss invites you", Lesley says: "I won't go if you can hurt me". Lesley stands up. The two bandits hold her legs, They want to lift her up but they can't budge her. Lesley looks at the bandits with no expression on her face, Lesley takes a gangster's neck with hers thighs. The bandit is struggling; Lesley just tilts her head and smiles.  Another gangster hits Lesley's back with a stick. Lesley slowly turns her head and says: "Don't worry, you'll pay for this". Lesley breaks the gangster's neck with hers legs.

The second gangster attacks the body of Lesley with a stick. The stick is broken. The bandit attacks Lesley's chest with his fist, she doesn’t get any harm. The gangsters' hands are hurt. Lesley catches his hand and breaks it, then she grabs his other hand and breaks it also. Bandit falls to the ground, Lesley lifts her foot slowly to the bandit’s chest. The gangster tries to stop the foot from stepping on his chest but all in vain (gangster’s point of view. Lesley takes the mirror to refresh her makeup, She ignores the bandit while he is struggling. She finishes her makeup and takes the cell phone from the bandit’s pocket keeping one foot on his face. She speaks on the phone: "You'll see me soon". After this words Lesley begins to push and the bandit's head explodes. Lesley sits on the sofa and recovers her socks (Close-up) touching her legs in sexy way, after she puts on her heels, takes her satchel and goes out.

Scene two:

Lesley pushes the door into the room and comes to boss: "I heard you were looking for me?". Boss says: "I want you to beat Lora", Lesley: “I am just an ordinary girl”, Boss says: “I don't believe”. Boss starts to touch Lesley thighs. He walks behind Lesley, He puts his hand under Lesley’s skirt. Lesley turns around and slaps his face, Boss falls to the ground and call his guard. The guard enters the room and takes her at gиnpoint.  Lesley is smiling. The bandit shoots but  the bullet fall to the ground. The bandit runs out of bullets. The bandit rushes in and hugs Lesley. She easily releases her hands and grasps the head of the bandit with both hands. She puts the bandit's head in the middle of her thighs. The bandit hits her thigh with his hands and Lesley begins to push harder. The bandit's head explodes. Lesley walks towards the boss and stands in front of him. Boss is kneeling on the ground looking up at Lesley (Close up: From bottom to top, Lesley heels, calves, thighs, body, face). Lesley turns around and sits down to the chair. Boss wants to run away but Lesley uses her super powers to close the door, he can't open the door and has no way to escape. He kneel down in front of Lesley, Boss starts to embrace Lesley’s legs begging for mercy. Lesley picks up his chin with her instep, Boss falls down. Lesley slowly takes off socks and puts her feet to the ground. Then her feet start to get off the ground (close up). She starts floating in the air. She is floating above boss's head and starts to descend. She clips boss's neck with her feet. She breaks boss's neck by her feet. Lesley comes back to the stool and sits down. She wipes her legs with a previous socks (Sexy action), then takes out a pair of new black socks from the bag, she puts on her stockings, high heels (Sexy action) and slowly goes out of the door。

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Be careful, this girl has super powers

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