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  • Black Canary Lora Lance. Part III

Custom clip request 

The video would be about Lora as Black Canary first against 4, eventually against six male thugs.  Roughly, three portions of the 

video.  First, she fights three.  Then she is tied up from some bar or pipe,  getting beaten up but laughs at it, eventually defeating them 

even.  Finally, she fights all six of them.  It would be good to make these fights appear tough. 

Ok, some more details ... but feel free to be creative!

Scene 1:

Lora walks in on three thugs, who are plotting some crime.  She announces that she is here to stop them.  They laugh at her, and so the fight is on.  Back-and-forth, but she eventually is clearly winning.  She laughs at them, and tells them that this wasn't much of a challenge for her, and that she is going to make it more interesting.  First she allows two of them to hold her, the other one to punch her in the abs, the face, telling him to hit harder, eventually defeating them.  Next, she lies down on the ground, encouraging the three of them to get on top of her and beat her up ... but instead, she wins once again.  She finally says that she can take them on holding her hands behind her back, and she does, but just as she is standing there, laughing at her defeated opponents, a forth thug sneaks up on her with a ... cloth, and makes her to fell asleep.  The thugs celebrate, and drag her away or carry her away.

Scene 2:

Lora comes out  and finds herself tied up with her hands above her head to some pipe or bar or so.   The previous four thugs 

feel very smug that they have overwhelmed her.  Now, it is payback time, they say!  They start beating her in the abs and the face.  But she is unfazed by it, even edging them on ("C'mon, hit harder!" "Is this all you got?"  "You think this is hurting me?"), perhaps as they are occasionally in some pain from hitting her hard abs with their fists.  Eventually she wraps her legs around one of the thugs.  The other three try to get him free, but she somehow manages to dominate this fight. She forces the last one to free her.  The thugs all 

get up and run away, while she walks after them, "Wait!  I am not done with you!  If you run, I will only make it more painful for you!".

Scene 3:

Lora arrives in a third room.  There are now six rather than just the four thugs.  She says "Ah, you brought two more friends, since the four of you couldn't take me alone?  You really think this is now a challenge for me?".  Shots from her behind as she is facing all six of them, who grin menacingly and start encircling her.  A really tough fight starts.  Early on, one of them grabs her jacket and rips it off her: "look what I got here!".  She growls "you shouldn't have done that".  She proceeds to smash that guy, but others come to his aid. Back-and-forth.  Eventually, she gains the upper hand and wins the fight.  She tells them that they should leave this city or else, she will beat them up even worse the next time.  She grabs her jacket and leaves, as the guys lie defeated on the ground.

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Black Canary Lora Lance. Part III

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