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  • Lesley demonstrates the girl's power. 1 year later

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After you have totally beaten the two sensei’s of the best gym in the city, you have decided to open your own gym.

Now, and after two years, the number of your gym's member is increased, and today your gym is the one that collects the most subscriptions in the city.

The gym of the 2 sensei’s today has been steadily losing its members, and now - as you can imagine - they are so mad. You beat them and caused them a huge loss in both their pride and money. They have decided to punish you and give you the lesson you deserve.

In the lasts years, they have worked very hard to improve their skills; they participated in a lot of advanced courses to enhance their level, with a single target in mind:  destroying you!!!

They want to put the things in their place, to restore the order of things and to place the male once more at the top of the social pyramid, especially concerning strength and combats.

Just to be sure to give you a hard lesson, the two sensei’s enters your gym accompanied by the judo champion of the state and this is certainly a guarantee of success. 

The Fights

Today is the long-awaited day, and the 3 men come into your gym at the end of the day when they know you are alone in your gym … You are surprised a bit … but not so much. 

The 3 intruders don’t lose time and go straight to the point: they are here to restore the order of things, to avenge the defeat and humiliation you inflicted them few years ago, and they explain that it occurred only because the two sensei’s were surprised in a bad day. 

You are not scared at all, and you say that you are impressed and honored to meet the champion then you ask what they intend to do.

The champion comes up and after greeting challenge you. You silently accept and begin the first fight.

The battle begins as the last time, your superiority is still clear and you are able to win all the actions, forcing him to surrender a lot of time. The fight lasts until the first opponent almost hasn't the strength to get up. 

The second judokacomes into the dojo, he is really pissed off with what he saw, he did not expect what happened to his friend but he's quite sure he’ll be able to give a lesson to a woman. The second fight starts but your superiority is once again almost overwhelming and after a while you have fun because it's evident that the man puts the maximum effort but you are in control continuing to subdue him continuously. He is on the floor a lot of time. He approaches the limits; you encourage him to do more, at last you're just a woman but after a while he’s totally finished in shame… Now, it is the turn of the another sensei.

You have fun and when the one man is almost destroyed, you challenge another sensei but the senseis now incredibly have almost fear, they watched their skilled friend totally beaten by you. During your fights their faces are changed. So they decide to attack you but simultaneously …  you are curious to see if they are able to put you in difficult together!! The 3 men accepted immediately, they want to destroy you by any means; they all start to attack you. They can't accept that a cute woman could beat 3 really skilled big men. 

At last they’re down on the ground (or mat) … You do also some victory pose over the men (or the pile of men) knocked out.

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Lesley demonstrates the girl's power. 1 year later

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