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Custom clip request 

I am sending you the short story and the 4 most important things. I have added one more important which I forgot before. It’s these acrobatic leg splits like you are doing so amazing

1. red or white leotard and suntan or brown pantyhose (not black)

2. only kicks to the face, scissors, acrobatic leg splits and footsmother (each of them about 1/4 of the clip)

3. someone behind the camera (in some clips of you there is a camera which does not move. i don't like when the camera stands still)

4 Lots of the acrobatic moves like on the pictures

 You are a student in training with your Karate Master. You decide to beat him up and start to kick his face

In the first 2 minutes he tries to block your kicks and he tries to defend himself. But you are much stronger and much more skilled. You are beating him up with hard kicks to his face

After 5 minutes he gives up and begs you to stop. But you are very evil and you do not stop. You scissor him hard and tell him to go on his knees and beg you for mercy. He does but you don't stop. You laugh at him and continue to scissor, kick and footsmother him and doing a lot of this split legs like on the pictures

He begs you many times to let him go, but you are very evil until the end

Can you please do a lot of this kind of acrobatic moves with split legs moves like on this 2 pictures

When you do footsmother, can you please make it when you are sitting on the floor or on your opponent like on the picture. I like it much more than when you stand over your opponent and footsmother him

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Naughty student Lesley

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