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  • The first one who falls out of the ring loses

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The fight would be a private boxing match between a girl boxer and a masked underground pit fighter who never speaks.

The girl walks into a room with the lights dim and a masked man standing in her boxing ring alone. She looks a little caught off guard. She approaches and recognizes him and talks about his undefeated record and infamous and scary people say he is. She gets in the ring with him.

She asks if he's sure he wants to fight her and risk losing his undefeated record to a woman. He just nods. She asks him if there are any rules and he just shakes his head no. She slightly smirks at this and agrees that "anything goes", warning him to "remember it was his idea". She suggests the first one to fall out of the ring loses.

They begin to box. For the first third, the man is an unstoppable machine. Her punches have almost no effect on him and he tosses her around the ring. He even spreads his arms and lets her hit him to minimal effect. Each of his punches kn0cks her across the ring. He boxes her into a corner. She looks like she's going to lose, then he grabs her head and throws her to the middle of the ring and she's on her back.

He approaches and stands over her body, raising his arms in victory. But as he stands over her, she kicks him below the belt which really hurts him and catches him completely off guard. She gets up, reminding him that it was his idea that "anything goes". She pulls her tank top off, revealing a tight sports bra. She says she does this so he has a better view of what he's losing to. She is still a little injured and resumes the boxing match. For the second third of the video, she begins to outbox him and often hitting him below the belt with punches and kicks. His morale is really damaged and her hits start to affect him more. She taunts him.

At one point she has to go on the outside of the ropes to avoid him and almost falls off but beats him back and gets inside the ring again.

Since he's starting to lose, he takes off his gloves but she dodges his bare fists. Now she looks pissed and removes her gloves too. He attacks her again but gets his ass totally kicked this time. She completely embarrasses him in this part, throwing him around the ring and verbally humiliating him. She should make him look downright silly.

Please include this choreography here:

The man desperately lunges at her and grabs her by the throat with one hand, pulling her closer so they’re face-to-face. She begins to gag, unable to breath. He smiles. Her eyes start to close. But she slowly reaches out with her hand, while he’s not looking down, and grabs him by the balls, squeezing them. His eyes go wide with shock and his jaw drops. She reopens her eyes, staring him down. He cringes in agony, but keeps squeezing her throat with one hand, trying to handle her before the pain is too much for him to take. For a moment, it’s a stand off, with each person trying to outlast the other while staring them down. After about ten seconds, the man can’t keep going and the pain starts to overcome him. His arm drops from her throat and falls lifelessly at his side. Now she’s the only one squeezing. His head slumps over but he’s still standing as she keeps squeezing. She releases his balls and he just rocks back and forth there, KOed but still on his feet. She puts her hands on her hips and just watches him for a second, she laughs then reaches out and effortlessly pushes him over with one finger. He lands on his back in the middle of the ring.

She does a foot-on-groin victory pose. He wakes up and now looks terrified. She keeps her foot there, taunting him as she applies pressure. She taunts him, playing dumb and asking if this was part of his plan, and saying she's not sure if this is a good strategy for him. He tries to crawl out of the ring but she grabs him and keeps him in the ring and continues to beat him up. He gets back to his feet but now he's no longer attacking her, just getting his ass kicked and trying to avoid her. He's basically a scared punching bag.

He starts to back up to avoid her until he's backed against the ropes, then begs her for mercy (still no speaking, just gesturing), falling to his knees when she commands. But she says he was too cocky and kicks him in the balls again and he falls back so he's sitting against the ropes. She kneels down and whispers something like the following to him:

“I’m going to finish you off now. But I want you to really savor what it means that a girl did all this to you. All your hard work and training and it came crashing down at the hands of a woman. I want you to always remember that a woman beat you. Keep that in mind while your falling out of the ring.” 

It doesn't have to be exact, but that's the gist of it.

She stands back up and places her foot on his chest. He looks up at her, almost crying, completely accepting his defeat. She smiles then says, “You lose,” then slowly pushes him through the ropes with her foot.

He tumbles out of the ring and lands on the ground. He looks up at her standing him above him then finally out. She walks to the center of the ring, shaking her head at how pathetic he was and raising her arms in victory.

End with a wide shot so you can see her with her arms up and the masked man outside the ring.


the woman starts in short shorts and a revealing tank top, then later removes the tank top to reveal a sports bra. The bra and shorts are the same color. She barefoot.

the man was a mask (like a mexican wrestler or ski mask) where you can still kind of see his eyes and mouth. He is shirtless and wear long dark pants and boots.

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The first one who falls out of the ring loses

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