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DOUG: tight plain white t-shirt to show off physique, basically just solid white, no graphics on the shirt, later shirtless, everyday pants or jeans, everyday shoes, and please no mask.

Ivan: tight plain black t-shirt to show off physique, basically just solid black, no graphics on the shirt, later shirtless, everyday pants/jeans, everyday shoes, and please no mask.

Note: This is a fight scene between the two actors DOUG and Ivan. They have three short fights, where they each get a chance to KO the other before one finally wins the fight. Like usual, I'd like it if you could have the fight focus on stomach punches as well as other face/body punches and show close-ups of the punches as well as show occasional facial reactions of each guy after he takes a particularly hard hit. Along with seeing their reactions to taking hits, I'd also like both guys to grunt/groan in pain as they each receive punches/hits. I'd also like to see a few moments where the losing guy is dazed/groggy like in previous videos you've done and have the loser of the fight briefly roll his eyes as he's getting KO’d.

Scene: Best friends DOUG and Ivan meet up to hang out one day, and it doesn’t take long before they’re bragging about how strong they both are. Ivan shows off by flexing his biceps, but DOUG laughs and says he’s unimpressed. DOUG then flexes his biceps, and insists he’s the stronger one of the two. Ivan shakes his head and tells him, “No way! Prove it!” DOUG suggests they have a have a fight to prove who is stronger. They'll keep going until only one of them is left standing. Ivan agrees, and they both ready theirfor a fight.

Fight 1: DOUG Wins

Their first fight starts off with both guys trading equal stomach/face punches back and forth. Each guy takes a few heavy stomach hits, but they soon recover. There's no clear winner up until DOUG surprises Ivan with an uppercut to the jaw that leaves Ivan dazed and groggy on his feet. Ivan sways unsteadily on his feet, trying his best to stay alert. DOUG walks over and holds him steady with one hand on his shoulder, saying, “Don't worry about it, buddy! The fight is over.” DOUG then slams a punch deep into Ivan’s stomach and keeps it pressed in for maximum damage (show a close-up of this). Ivan groans in pain as the punch starts to take its toll. After a few seconds, DOUG lets go and watches as Ivan drops to his knees, clutching his stomach and just barely staying awake. DOUG then hits him with another uppercut to the chin. Ivan is immediately KO’d and fall flat on his back. DOUG celebrates his victory by flexing his biceps to the camera, bragging about winning the match. The camera then zooms in on the KO’d Ivan for a few seconds as he stays asleep for now.

Fight 2: Ivan Wins

Ivan eventually wakes up and gets to his feet. DOUG taunts him, “I thought you were just going stay down after that fight. It probably would have been smarter.” Ivan ignores him and brings up histo fight, “You'll be the one on the ground this time!” DOUG laughs, but prepares to fight, and the two are soon punching each other again. DOUG gains the upper hand first, throwing some hard punches that nearly leave Ivan dazed again, but Ivan does his best to endure them, determined to win. When DOUG is least expecting it, Ivan throws a heavy punch to his stomach that doubles him over. Before DOUG gets a chance to recover, Ivan throws another punch that sends him to the floor. DOUG struggles to get back to his feet with a groan, but another punch from Ivan sends him to the floor again. This time Ivan reaches down and pulls DOUG to his feet, saying, “Stay awake! We're not done yet.” Ivan pummels DOUG with steady punches repeatedly to either sides of the face and to the stomach, alternating between face and stomach punches for about 30 seconds. DOUG does his best to endure the beating, but each punch visibly weakens him. By the time Ivan decides to stop, he watches as DOUG sways groggily on his feet, barely conscious. Ivan puts a hand on his friend's shoulder to keep him steady, joking with, “Hey man, you don't look so well.” DOUG is too grDouggy to respond, so Ivan slams a punch to his stomach (show a close up of this punch), holding it in for just a few seconds, causing DOUG to groan in pain and start to roll his eyes. Ivan pulls his arm back and then immediately punches DOUG in one side of his face and then immediately follows with a punch to the other side. Afterward, DOUG groggily stumbles backward a few steps. He sways unsteadily on his feet for a short while before finally collapsing flat on his back. Ivan smiles and says, “Looks like you needed a nap!” Ivan flexes his biceps in victory for the camera, and then the camera zooms in on the KO’d DOUG for a few seconds as he remains asleep for now.

Fight 3: Ivan Wins

DOUG slowly wakes up and struggles to his feet. Ivan laughs and asks, “Are you ready for another beating?” DOUG shakes himself awake, before pulling off his shirt and tossing it off-camera. He flexes his biceps and says, “I’ll prove who the strongest fighter is this time!” Ivan rolls his eyes, unimpressed, before pulling his own shirt off, and tossing it. He readies hisand says, “Yeah, because it'll still be me!” Both guys begin their final fight, each one hitting hard for maximum damage. The fight goes back and forth, with both guys taking punches that leave them dazed/groggy for a bit before managing to get back in the fight. The battle seems over when Ivan fell flat on his back by an uppercut and seems to be out. DOUG, thinking he's won, takes the time to gloat by flexing his biceps and mocking his opponent. Unfortunately, Ivan was pretending to be out, and quickly jumps to his feet and punches the still flexing DOUG deep in his stomach. DOUG is stunned and doubled over by the punch. Ivan keeps his pressed in for a few seconds longer, and then delivers an uppercut to DOUG's chin that staggers him backward until he backs up against a wall, too dazed and groggy to move. Ivan approaches him and immediately begins steadily throwing punch after punch to DOUG's stomach. DOUG grows weaker with each punch, barely able to stay awake. Finally, Ivan holds his friend steady and then slams a powerful punch deep into DOUG's stomach. He keeps the punch held in and watches as DOUG gives a weak moan of pain. Once he's confident his opponent is finally KO’d, Ivan releases his friend and watches as DOUG slowly slides down against the wall, clutching his stomach with one hand, until he's nearly flat on his back, but still propped up against the wall. Ivan smiles and flexes for the camera, saying, “I knew he was all talk. Glad I proved who was the strongest!” Afterward he crouches down close to his KO’d opponent's face and mocks him saying, “Sleep well, loser!” Ivan gives him one last playful punch before standing up and leaving. Lastly the camera zooms in on the still KO’d DOUG. He's going to be asleep for a long time after this fight.

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The competition of the fighters

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