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Bionic Woman.

Lesley is a bionic police woman making an arrest on criminals. She wears the same dress in Agent Lesley Part 1. No stockings. Bare legs and high heel mules (see attachment).

No ankle straps. Close ups of her face, cleavage, legs, and heels thoughout. Some makeup on her face. Don't wear anything around your neck. No gloves. There is dialogue mentioned in the script. Feel free to add more to it.

Scene 1: Man is on his knees sorting his stuff. There is a small stool next to him. The camera moves with him so the stool is not in the frame. When he comes back the stool is back in frame with Lesleys high heel rested on it. Her arch is facing the camera. It is a close shot. Her ankle is at the top of the screen. The top of the stool is visible at bottom of screen. (Scene 1 pic)The camera pans up revealing her leg. Stops at her waist.

Then it is repeated from mans POV. The camera gets to her waist, shot of mans face. Keeps going up to her cleavage, shot of mans face. Repeat shots of cleavage and mans face. Then man look up further. Immediate POV shot of her face smiling at him. (See Smile attachments) Repeat shots of their faces. She says. "Hello Darling. Im here to arrest you."

He stands up and steps back from her. Camera has her leg in the foreground with him in background. He gets ready to fight her. She laughs at him. He keeps acting like he's about to attack her but backs up instead. She says "Maybe you should just surrender." He tries to punch her. He misses. She hasn't moved. He tries again and again. He pretends to punch in slow motion and she casually moves her head. He tries again.

She finally moves from that position and stands in front of him. She raises her leg forward and rests her heel on his thigh. He can't move. Still tries to punch her but misses. Many close ups of her foot during this.

She pushes him away with her foot and starts punching and kicking him. She knees him as well. Same way she fights in Agent Lesley. She is very relaxed about it because she is very fast compared to him.

He starts to look worn out. She lifts him up with one hand, holding him for a long time. Could you do the shot of his legs dangling. 

She drops him. He just stands there. If possible you lift him again by raising your foot with heel on, and hooking the toes under his chin. Close up of wrinkled arch. She drops him again.

She hugs him sensually."you are now under arrest" (POV of her face when saying line) She kisses his cheek then lets him fall down. She stands with her heel in front of his face. Close up of heel with arch facing the camera. Same as before, camera pans up her body to her face, and cuts to man on the way.

Scene 2: Man is throwing punches and kicks by himself. The camera pans over to reveal Lesley's highheel of her crossed leg(Scene 2 A1). Camera turns to show Lesley sitting with her legs crossed. (Scene 2 pic)She is using her bionic powers to zap him. No visual effects. Maybe sound effects if you think it looks good. She says things like "Men are so stupid. Always getting in to trouble".

She just points at him and he acts like he's getting hit by invisible force. Sometimes she points once and just watches(arms crossed), and other times she is tapping the air multiple times for single hits. He can try to attack her sometimes. She points and waves him away.

Her legs are visible in the foreground with man in the background. Switch legs after a while. Rub legs with hands or rubs legs together. Closeups of her highheels, legs, waist, breasts and face. Include foreground angles. Could you copy the leg kicking in Scene 2 samp during this. On and off. Also cross ankles like Scene 2 A4 pic.

Closeups of her face smiling and not smiling throughout the scene. Raise an eyebrow a few times.

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Bionic woman and the burglar

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