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  • Under Lesley's pantyhosed feet

Custom clip request 

Story : a big muscled guy break to a lady's home and looks for her used pantyhose....when she came back from office  she defend herself because she is trained in self defense and karate and beat him down give him a big humiliation and laughing at him

Attires:  the guy never mind but if is possible with his face visible  the girl in elegant skirt high heels and tan pantyhose with reinforced toes

Location : indoor in a place in which she can fight without shoes

Action :  i want only knees and kicks  and the targets must be only face-nose-mouth  and balls-groin

Basically she is attacked and in the first part (1 or 2 minutes ) she fight in high heels then when the guy

Go on the ground the first time ..she slowly take off her high heeled shoes and wait for him to recover in her bare pantyhose

Every time he stand up and try to attack her she easly kick him in face and groin and he goes to the floor…when he is on the floor she came near him and put her pantyhosed foot over mouth\nose and groin… this must be done every time he is on the floor ..when she put her foot over his groin or face she laugh at him…the another time wait to him to recover he try to attack but she beat him down easly again and again foot over mouth or groin…

I would like that this action take place 5 or 6 times and every time the guy must take more time to recover and attack again…at the end of last attack when he is on the floor she take the same used pair of pantyhose and stuff them into his mouth doing a victory pose with her pantyhosed foot over his groin.

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Under Lesley's pantyhosed feet

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