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  • Lora visits the lesson in self defense

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Actors: Lora and Master.  Lora must accidentally hit Master all the time. He has to be very angry. He must look as clumsy as possible

Lora is a frivolous girl, she is giggling all the time, she has a handbag and comb, wearing high heels.

The master is a serious coach, karate expert (he wears a  karate uniform with a black belt!)

Lora comes into a room (preferably sports, but it is possible in the apartment), giggles and asks  “whether there are lessons in self-defense?”

Master – “Yes here, but I don't understand why you are giggling all the time? What's so funny?”

Lora – “sorry, I just always thought men were weaklings and losers, I do not believe that a man can teach a good lesson in self-defense.”

Master was taken aback. “Well, you're boorish! Well, I'll teach a good lesson! I will teach you to respect men!”

Lora chuckles mockingly

Master – “let's start “

Lora - passing by the Master accidentally steps on his foot. The master howled and grabbed his leg, fell

Lora chuckles, apologizes

Master a little away, gets up off the floor. Let's start the lesson. Now I will show you how to protect yourself from the attacker in front

Lora interrupts him - Oh, I know! I need to kick him in the groin! And kicks Masters in the groin, the Master falls down and writhes in pain

Lora chuckles even more. Says I know I heard somewhere it was the most vulnerable men's place (chuckles)

Master - are you an idiot? He goes to Lora, but stumbles and falls.

Lora chuckles

Master just terribly angry, but restrained. Okay - now I'll show you how to protect yourself from attacker with a knife

Lora interrupts him - Oh I know - I need beat him useing the comb – and hits Masters with a comb in the stomach. The master howled again and falls (even more gasps, as if really very painful!)

Lora chuckles again

Master - well, enought! The jokes are over! I won't let you mock me, coming to Lora

Lora - Oh and I have heard to defend yourselves from an attacker you should whack him with something. She gets out of the bag the pan and hits the Master's head. And then the Master starts to be dizzy. He is mumbling one phrase "Bitch I'll k!! you, I'll k!! you"

Lora chuckles. "Well, when will you start the lesson! Oh, I heard that you need  to whack the man again to make him recover. She hits Master with a frying pan. Now the Master began to giggle nervously "where am I?" He asks over and over  "where am I?" giggling.

Lora "You're so strange. I understand nothing on your lessons". She runs away skipping, Master remains to giggle.

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Lora visits the lesson in self defense

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