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  • Black Canary Lora Lance. Part II

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I purchased "Black Canary Lora Lance": a very good video!  There should be another one of Lora, in that Black Canary outfit.

I am thinking of a video, say, 20 minutes in length.  4 male actors (let me call them thugs), one of them the boss --- with three of the actors getting used in different outfits in different scenes, so that it looks like there are actually 10 of them in total (more on that below).  There is quite a bit of fighting.  In contrast to "Black Canary Lora Lance", I would like to see it all more dynamic, and the guys more capable: they should be a bit more of a challenge for her (not too much, though, in the end).  I should also congratulate you there on the excellent scene at about 15:50 in that video, where she is on the floor, but slings her legs around the boss' neck, then twisting to throw him to the floor.  Creative fighting of that type would work really well!

Brief first scene: The boss and his three most highly ranked lieutenant sit around a table in a room, celebrating with a drink, that they have just successfully completed some crime --- perhaps robbed a bank or so.  There is a suitcase of cash or some other "trophy" (could be a case with jewelry or something else that looks valuable) (which Black Canary Lora at the end will take with her).

Second scene: Outside the house (or down two hallways inside), there are three guards, guarding the entrance.  (These are the same three of the male actors at the table, except the boss, but now dressed as "lower rank" guards.  Let them wear something that covers their faces, perhaps, so it isn't too obvious, that these are the same guys).  They are in a good mood too.  Black Canary Lora shows up: "Hey there.  I need to talk to your boss.  He has something I want".  The guards laugh at that, tell her to go away.  She tries to keep on walking, but the guards stop her.  So, they fight.  It is a decent fight, she gets in some trouble now and then, but mostly dominating them.  At some point, she makes fun of the guards: "How did you get this job?  You are pathetic guards.  Here, let me give you a head start!".  She puts her arms behind her head, and lets them punch her abs, then eventually kicks them to the ground.

Back to that room.  The boss: "What's that noise?"  One of his lieutenant says, "Ah, it's nothing.  Our guards have it under control.  

Perhaps they are celebrating a bit, too!  Don't worry, boss!"

Back to the second scene location, where Black Canary Lora walks away from the three thugs, who are out and on the ground. She gets to the next guard post, another three guards (well, same actors again, but dressed differently again, so that it isn't too obvious).  Two of them have a we@p0n: let's say, a baseball bat and a knife, but it could be something else too.  They see her coming: they charge at her, she charges at them.  They attack her with the we@p0ns, but she manages to evade them.  A tough fight: these guys are tougher than the first group.  Eventually she kicks or punches the guys to the ground, getting a hold of the we@p0ns. She stands there with both, the guys are getting up slowly, afraid of her now that she has the we@p0ns.  She realizes 

that, looks at the we@p0ns and says "I don't need these to take care of a couple of thugs like you!".  She throws them away.  They proceed with fighting, she dominates them and beats them up completely.  She keeps walking.

Back to that room.  The boss: "That sounds like fighting outside!  You there, go check it out!"  One lieutenant gets up, walks to the door.  That moment, Black Canary Lora open the door (perhaps kicking it open?), stands in the door frame, points at the boss, and says: "You there!  You have something that doesn't belong to you!"  She points at the suitcase or "trophy".  "Give that to me now, and you won't have to suffer!".  The thugs all laugh at that, starting to make fun of that little girl showing up there, demanding the loot.  The boss says "Take care of her!  I don't want to see her again."  The  lieutenants approach her, they very aggressive.  She smiles at them, very confidently: "You heard what he said.  Come on, get me!".  They fight.  But this one is now unusually tough for her.  The boss gets into the fight too, so now it is four men against her.  At some point, she perhaps makes a mistake, and they 

nearly beat her up completely.  She manages to get out, but it looks like a stalemate now, with the lieutenants in one corner, her in the other, contemplating their next attack. She takes of her jacket.  "You guys are tougher than I thought, I give you that!"

They charge at each other, but now, gradually, she gets the upper hand and beats up all of them.  The boss is in a lot of pain.  She grabs the suitcase/trophy, puts her foot on his chest, as a victory pose: "See!  I warned you!  Now you had to suffer!  So unnecessary!  Remember: I always win."  With that, she walks off. The end.

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Black Canary Lora Lance. Part II

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