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Custom clip request 

Here I am with a request for a film, starring Lesley

The Story:

A thief has broken into Lesleys apartment. He finds a pair of her used nylons in the bathroom. He starts sniffing on the foot-part of the Nylons.

At this moment, Lesley comes home and sees, what the thief is doing with her nylons.

As Lesley has discovered the burglar, she gives him one very hard hit with herright into his stomach.

He goes down and sits on the floor growning. She kneels down in front of him, slapping his face fiercely around only with one finger (she is seen from behind, only moving back and forth her wrist; make it look as if she would give him a severe beating only using one finger of her hand.

Doing that, she turns to the camera smiling an arrogant smile and tells to the viewer: “I am so strong!”

As she has finished beating him, he lies on the floor; his nose should touch the floor.

Then she gets a chair and sits down in front oft he guy, starting to put on the nylons, pulling it slowly  over her feet and leg. The guys nose is on the floor and Lesley places her foot rigt in front of it as she pulls the nylon over her leg – slightly touching his nose with her middle toe. She can move her toes a tiny little, but only very little.

Then she does the same thing with her other foot / leg.

the guy tries to sniff her toes, she commands him to sit up. “I will give you my foot, I promise”. He sits up eagerly und quickly. She rises her right foot slowly and in promising, sexy way – but gives him a good, long facekicking. Here, she should be seen full figure from the front with the guys head in front of her being kicked from right to left. She gives him the works with ease, bringing her hair in order, looking and smiling arrogantly into the camera constantley. Then she is using her other foot kicking his face. Dialog Lesley to the burgler: “Well? Do you like my feet? Why don’t you say something? I bet, my sexy feet have made you speechless.”

Facekicking for about one or two minutes.

she stands in front of him, her feet very near to his face, making sure that her middle toe again just touches the tip of his nose, again wiggling it very slightly.

Fade Out.

Scene 2:

Lesley is seen rubbing her stockinged feet onto the nose or nostril of a cuddly toy. She is sitting in front of the burglar, which is now bound. He has to watch her doing the nose rub to the plushie.

„I bet you want to be on Fluffy’s place, mmmh?! Don’t you? Who wouldn‘t?“

The man groans  and nods. He tries to break free.

„Fluffy likes this. See what I am doing to him, hmm? You like that, don’t you, big boy?!“, she smiles sweetly.

She does the same thing with “Fluffy” using her other foot.

Lesley takes “Fluffy” and presses Fluffys face into the burglers nose. He sniffs it, groaning “Mmmmh!”

“Oh, you like Fluffy? Hmmm?!” Rubs “Fluffy” into burglers nose more. “Oh, everybody likes Fluffy. He smells so good!””

Then the burglar breaks free.

For the following beating around the room, it would be nice if Lesley would destroy the burglar with only one finger. She could use the same movements as he usually does when she uses her fists, but only stretch out one finger.

She beats him very strongly, but with utmost ease, with one finger, giving him very fast series of severe hits, sending him through the room with massive blows under his chin, stretching out one finger - until he lies on the floor. (Beating for about one minute).

Then she does the victory pose, flexing her muscles and putting her foot on his face, her toes very near his nose, again touching only the tip of it.

As he tries to move his head in order to put his nose under her foot, she slaps his face with her foot, then walks to the sofa or chair, sitting down crossing her legs and then stretching out one foot towards him. She sits very upright, looking amused into the camera. He crawls nearer – Lesley wiggling her toes, smiling at him, stretching her toes into his direction. She commands him to kneel down before her. As he kneels in front of her, she stretches out her leg, touching again the tip of his nose with her middle toe. She says: “If you do one false movement or come any closer, you will regret. Understand?”

He nods.

They sit like this for a while, Lesleys middle toe touching the tip of his nose. “You like it, hmmmm?!”, she says, slightly wiggling her toes.

Then she withdraws her foot, stretches out the other one in the air above his head, puts her leg over the knee of the other leg and stretches her other foot out until her middle toe touches the tip of his nose. They sit for a while, but suddenly the burglar can’t hold it any longer he presses his nose to her sole.

That is the moment she starts kicking his face with her feet, with ease and an arrogant attitude – kicking for about 4 minutes. As she kicks, she says: “Well, you want to smell it? Hmmm? Here you go! Smell this! And this. And this! And this! Like it, hah? Ooh yeah, you like it. What a pretty foot this is, mmmh!! What a pretty girl’s foot! You like what this girl can do to you with her little foot?”

The foot kicking: Please do not use the type where she has his head under her arms kicking his face with her foot like this. All other face kicks please like in the Video „Lots and lots of face kicks“. Let her look into the camera when seen from front.

Please do not use too much time for her changing of position – the kicking should happen constantly, not giving the guy a break. 

And please do not use slow motion in the entire film.

After about four minutes of beating the burglar goes down.

"I like beating men with my feet. I bet you love watching me doing it!” says Lesley to the camera.

She hums a children’s song, does the victory pose (foot on his nose), then sits on his breast – rubbing her feet slowly  into the guys nose. She gives the viewer a very sexy, arrogant look and continues rubbing his nose.

Fade out

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Fluffy smells so good

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