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  • Lora plays with her boyfriend whom she hates

Custom clip request

I was wondering if I could commission another custom PoV Supervillain video. I have no preference as who plays the lead role, nor do I care what language it's in. This is an evolution of the last custom you did for me, but taking inspiration from the recent superhero vids you've done, and the leg crushing one with Lora. 

The basic synopsis is that I turn my terminally ill girlfriend into a superwoman, hoping she'll be the loving heroine of my dreams.. but discovering that she's something else in reality.


Scene 1

- The actress is my girlfriend who's terminally ill

- I'm a scientist who's created a super formula to make her better, but she doesn't want to take it.

- as she's initially very weak (maybe under a blanket), I'm able to easily force her to drink the formula.

- this pisses her off so much that she breaks up with me

- As she continues with some verbal humiliation, she becomes healthier, more confident and animated.

- Eventually she stands up and, becoming truly angry, punches me, sending me flying back.

- As she realizes that the formula works and the power that's growing within her, she can't help but laugh and grabs me so I can't run away.

- Her eyes glow as she uses heat vision to cripple my legs, then lets me fall to the floor, looking up at her.

- she mocks that I should "stay put" while she goes and has some fun (she leaves the room and the camera goes black)

Scene 2

- the scene then shifts to "a few hours later", where g..shots and screaming are heard in the distance for a few seconds, which abruptly stop.

- My now fully super ex-girlfriend struts through the door, now dressed in either the "lesley marvel" outfit, or a catsuit (actresses choice).

- She "heals" (visualised by a lighting effect?), picks me up and then hugs/acts very thankful for being made into the worlds only superhuman.

- however this is all a lie, and when she leans in to kiss me she stops at the last second and bursts out laughing

- As she teases me about how she's now a goddess compared to normal humans, and no longer needs me, she punches at the camera, which goes immediately black.

When I "come to", she's laughing at how my body exploded with such a light tap, and how cool it is to be able to heal so I can be toyed with as much as she wants.

She then executes me in numerous ways;

Heat vision (slow and quick)


Crushing with her body (hugging, between her legs, under her boot and against a wall - if you could make one of these particularly slow, that would be perfect)

Poking me with her super strong, invulnerable fingers

During the above she should act with complete contempt for me, remind me how we used to be together and how no matter how good a boyfriend I could of been.. I would not escape this fate.

She even fetches a ... and pretends to lose her powers, letting me "take" the ... from her and sh00ting her. Obviously the bullets do nothing and she laughs at my stupidity before finishing me again with heat vision.

Finally she chooses whether to execute me (method of her choice), or leave me alive to lust after this now unstoppable goddess of an ex-girlfriend (who I can never beat). Either way, she states that she can always come back and play with me again anytime she wants to.

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Lora plays with her boyfriend whom she hates

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